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How To Say "Wolf" in Tagalog

Wolves are dogs that live and thrive in the wilderness.  Most wolves live in a group called a pack.  A pack is consisting of a family of wolves that rely on teamwork to hunt big animals for food.  Most wolves are carnivorous in nature and their diet consists mainly of fresh meat from moose, deer, and elks.  In this lesson, we are going to teach you how to say Wolf using the Tagalog language translation to help you improve your Filipino speaking skill and Tagalog vocabulary.

How To Say "Wolf" in Tagalog

Most wolves like to build their homes called dens by digging a hole underground or searching for small caves to raise their young pups and for protection against other predators and harsh weather conditions.  Wolves work as a team in order to capture, trap, and subdue a large prey for food.  These wild dogs use speed, agility, and teamwork to distract and bring down large animals.

Wolf - Lobo


This white wolf can live in cold Arctic regions.
Ang puting lobo na ito ay naninirahan sa malamig na region ng Arktiko.
A wolf lives in the wilderness.
Ang lobo ay naninirahan sa kagubatan.
A wolf is a big dog.
Ang lobo ay isang malaking aso.
A wolf likes to eat a big animal like a deer.
Ang lobo ay mahilig kumain ng malaking hayop tulad ng usa.
A wolf knows how to swim.
Ang lobo ay marunong lumangoy.
A wolf communicates by howling.
Ang lobo ay nakikipagkomunikasyon sa pamamagitan ng pag-ungol.
This wolf has a fur that is white in color.
Ang lobo na ito ay may balahibo na kulay puti.