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How To Say "Hello" in Tagalog Translation

The Filipino people are naturally friendly and are known for their hospitality.  If you need to make an informal conversation with people to ask for simple directions to a certain place or destination, if you need to inquire about simple topics of interests, or if you need to ask for simple help or favors, then you will need to approach them, put on your best smile, and then say Hello as a formal greeting.  In this lesson, we are going to show you How To Say Hello in Tagalog translation so you can better approach and communicate with Filipinos whether they are people whom you already know or whether they may be complete strangers.
How To Say Hello in Tagalog Translation

How To Say "Hello" in Tagalog Translation

Saying Hello is an informal greeting that you use anywhere whether you are addressing a stranger on the street, texting your friends or kabarkada on your cellphone, or writing a greeting card to the one you love.  If you are going to say Hello in person or face to face with someone, make sure that you smile to show that you are approaching them in good faith and with good intentions.  Hello in Tagalog is kumusta - which is a word that was adapted from the word como estas which means How Are You? in Spanish language.  In this topic, you are going to learn how to say Hello in Tagalog translation with confidence and ease.




Hello to you.
Kumusta sa iyo.
Hello to all of you.
Kumusta sa inyong lahat.
Hello. Good Day to you.
Kumusta. Magandang araw sa iyo.

Hello, My Dear Sister.
Kumusta, Mahal kong kapatid.
Hello, Friend.
Kumusta, Kaibigan.
Hello, My Love.
Kumusta, Mahal ko.

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