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Hello in Tagalog

Saying Hello is an informal greeting that you can use anywhere whether you are addressing a stranger on the street, texting your friends or kabarkada on your cellphone, or writing a greeting card to the one you love.

This guide will help show you how to say hello in Tagalog. So let's get started.

Ways to Say “Hello” In Tagalog

Hello, how are you?

Kumusta ka?

Hello family.

Kumusta pamilya.

Hello, Good Morning.

Kumusta, Magandang Umaga.

Hello, Good Afternoon.

Kumusta, Magandang Hapon.

Hello, Good Evening.

Kumusta, Magandang Gabi.

Hello, nice to see you.

Kumusta, ikinalulugod kong makita ka.

Hello, my name is...

Kumusta, Ang pangalan ko ay...

Hello beautiful.

Kumusta, maganda.

Hello and welcome.

Kumusta at Maligayang Pagdating.

Hello Everyone.

Kumusta kayong lahat.

Hello Philippines.

Kumusta Pilipinas.

Hello and Goodbye.

Kumusta at Paalam.

Hello Dear.

Kumusta Mahal.

Hello stranger.

Kumusta Estranghero o Kumusta Dayuhan

Hello, Merry Christmas.

Kumusta, Maligayang Pasko.

Hello Mother.

Kumusta Nanay.

Hello Mom.

Kumusta Ina.

Hello Father.

Kumusta Tatay.

Hello Dad.

Kumusta Ama.

Hello Brother.

Kumusta Kapatid na Lalaki.

Hello Sister.

Kumusta Kapatid na Babae.

Hello Cousin.

Kumusta Pinsan.

Hello Husband.

Kumusta Aking Asawang Lalaki.

Hello Wife.

Kumusta Aking Asawang Babae.

Hello Grandfather.

Kumusta Lolo.

Hello Grandmother.

Kumusta Lola.

Hello Uncle.

Kumusta Tito.

Hello Aunt.

Kumusta Tita.

Hello Son.

Kumusta Aking Anak na Lalaki.

Hello Daughter.

Kumusta Aking Anank na Babae.

Hello in Tagalog is kumusta - which is a word that was adapted from the word como estas which means How Are You? in Spanish language.


If you are going to say Hello in person or face to face with someone, make sure that you smile to show that you are approaching them in good faith and with good intentions. 

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