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How To Introduce Yourself in Tagalog

First impressions last so you will need to make sure that you are prepared to make a proper introduction about yourself with poise and confidence if you are wanting to make a good impression on others.  If you are eager to win the friendship, love, admiration, or attention of somebody at school, work, or at play, then go for it and make the first move by smiling and introducing yourself to them. Make sure that you introduce yourself at the right place and time as well.  In this topic, we will teach you How to properly Introduce Yourself in both English and the Tagalog language translation.
How To Introduce Yourself in Tagalog

How To Introduce Yourself in Tagalog

If you are looking for a friend in person or online, searching for a work or job, or just wanting to make a conversation with someone who has the time and patience to listen to you, then in this lesson, we are going to teach you this step-by-step procedure on how to properly introduce yourself to someone in both the English and Tagalog language of speaking.  In making a conversation that involves an introduction about yourself, make sure to speak clearly so the other person can understand and grasp every word that you are saying about yourself. Just be yourself, smile, and speak with confidence and clarity.

1.  You make a formal greeting by putting on your best smile and extending a friendly handshake to the person whom you want to meet.

Hello, I am glad to meet you.
Kumusta.  Ikinagagalak kitang makilala.

2.  You state your Full Name, your age, and status in life.

My name is Hazel Ra, 18 years old, and single.
Ang pangalan ko ay Hazel Ra, labin-walong taong gulang, at single.

3.  You state your Nationality of you are talking to foreigners.

I am a Filipina.
Ako ay isang Filipina.

4.  You state where you live.

I live in the City of Manila.
Ako ay nakatira sa Lungsod ng Maynila.

5.  You state what you do for a living or if you are still studying.

I am studying Fine Arts at a university.
Ako ay nag-aaral ng Sining sa unibersidad.

6.  You say something about yourself like your hobbies.

One of my favorite hobbies is dancing.
Isa sa aking paboritong libangan ay ang pagsasayaw.

7.  You say something about things you enjoy doing or your likes and dislikes.

I also enjoy listening to music.
Ako ay mahilig ding makinig sa musika.