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English and Tagalog Shapes (Mga Hugis)

Shapes Word List in Tagalog

Shapes Word List in Tagalog

In Tagalog, shapes are called mga hugis.  

In this post, you will learn the vocabulary words related to shapes and some example phrases.

Shapes Vocabulary Words

Listed below are common words for shapes, and related concepts:

1 Shapes Mga Hugis
2 Arc Arko
3 Circle Bilog
4 Cone Kono
5 Cube Kubo
6 Cylinder Silindro
7 Oval Habilog
8 Pyramid Piramide
9 Rectangle Parihaba
10 Sphere Globo
11 Square Parisukat
12 Triangle Tatsulok
13 Pentagon Pentagono
14 Octagon Oktagono
15 Hexagon Heksagono
16 Oblong Pahaba
17 Trapezoid Trapesoyd
18 Parallelogram Parigapay
19 Arrow-shaped Hugis palaso
20 Heart-shaped Hugis puso
21 Diamond-shaped Hugis dyamante
22 Star-shaped Hugis bituin / Hugis tala
23 Moon-shaped Hugis buwan
24 Cross-shaped Hugis krus
25 Crescent-shaped Hugis gasuklay
26 Ring-shaped Hugis singsing

Shapes Example Phrases

A triangle is a shape that has three sides. Ang tatsulok ay hugis na may tatlong gilid.
A square is a shape that has four equal sides. Ang parisukat at hugis na may apat na magkasukat na sulok.
The two opposite sides of a rectangular shape have the same lengths. Ang dalawang magkabaligtarang gilid ng hugis na rektanggulo ay may magkaparehong haba.
A pentagon is a shape with five sides. Ang pentagono ay hugis na may limang tagiliran.
A hexagon is a shape with six sides. Ang eksagono ay hugis na may anim na gilid.
A heptagon is a shape with seven sides and seven vertices. Ang heptagono ay hugis na may pitong gilid at pitong mga vertex.
An octagon is a shape with eight sides. Ang oktagono ay hugis na may walong tagiliran.
A nonagon is a shape with nine sides and nine vertices. Ang nonagono ay hugis na may siyam na gilid at siyam na mga vertex.
A decagon is shape with ten sides. Ang dekagono ay hugis na may sampung gilid.
A circle is a 2D shape that is round. Ang bilog ay 2D hugis na mabilog.

2D Shapes with Halloween Drawing

Here is a colorful Halloween drawing using 2D shapes like:
1.  Haunted Castle - Triangles for the Roofs, Rectangles for the castle towers with the castle entrance.
2.  Vampire Girl - Triangles for the vampire cat ears, hair, hands, and fangs; Rectangles for the neck, body, arms, and legs; semi-circles for the pockets and shoes; and circles for the eyes and buttons
3.  Bats - Triangles for the bat body, ears, and fangs; semi-circles for the bat wings; and circles for the bat eyes.
4.  Full Moon and Hill - Semi-circles
5.  Tombstone - Pentagons
6.  Pumpkins - 1 Circle, 1 Square
2D Shapes with Halloween Drawing

3D Shapes with Halloween Toys

Here is a fun-filled Halloween Toy Presentation using 3D Shapes like:
1.  Haunted House - Pyramids for the roof and Cubes for the Building
2.  Witch hat - Pyramid
3.  Witch cauldron - Hemisphere
4.  Coffin - Rectangular Prism
5.  Pumpkin - Sphere
6.  Black cat's bottle - Cylinder
2D Shapes with Halloween Drawing

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