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Firefly - Insects in Tagalog

Firefly in Tagalog

Firefly Word List in Tagalog

In Tagalog, Firefly is called alitaptap.

In this post, you will learn the vocabulary words related to firefly and some example phrases.

Firefly Vocabulary Word

Listed below are common words for firefly, and related concepts:

1 Firefly Alitaptap
2 Insect Insekto
3 Flying Lumilipad
4 Nocturnal Mga Hayop sa Gabi
5 Light Ilaw
6 Species Uri
7 Winged May pakpak
8 Beetle Salagubang
9 Grass Damo
10 Leaf Dahon

Firefly Example Phrases

A firefly is a kind of beetle. Ang alitaptap ay isang uri ng salagubang.
A firefly gives off light at night. Ang alitaptap ay nagbibigay ng ilaw sa gabi.
A firefly uses its light to find and attract his pair. Ginagamit ng alitaptap ang kanyang ilaw sa paghahanap ng kapareha.
A firefly flies at night. Ang alitaptap ay lumilipad sa gabi.
A firefly has poisonous chemicals from its body. Ang alitaptap ay may nakakalasong kimikal sa kanyang katawan.
A firefly is a very tiny insect. Ang alitaptap ay isang napakaliit na insekto.

Learn more vocabulary terms with our list of Insect Names in Tagalog. Learning vocabulary words is a very important part of learning a new language. A good idea to help learn more words faster is to put them into context. Try to using the words in sentences.

Insect Names in Tagalog


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