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How To Say "Firefly" in Tagalog

I can still remember that time when I was walking towards home on a very dark and cold evening.  I was pushing our front gate wide open when I noticed a lot of glowing light that filled up the jackfruit tree in our backyard.  The tree almost looked like a Christmas tree with glowing and flickering yellow light against a pitch dark background.  In today's lesson, we are going to learn about a few fun facts about fireflies as well as learn how to say Firefly using the Tagalog language translation.
How To Say Firefly in Tagalog

How To Say "Firefly" in Tagalog

A firefly is a kind of insect that is nocturnal in nature.  These tiny insects emit a glowing light that comes in varying colors like orange, yellow, or green.  They use this bioluminescence to communicate and find their partners or mates for reproduction purposes.  They also use this light for protection and to signal predators that they are not fit for consumption for they carry poison and toxin inside their bodies.

Firefly - Alitaptap


A firefly is a kind of beetle.
Ang alitaptap ay isang uri ng salagubang.
A firefly gives off light at night.
Ang alitaptap ay nagbibigay ng ilaw sa gabi.
A firefly uses its light to find and attract his pair.
Ginagamit ng alitaptap ang kanyang ilaw sa paghahanap ng kapareha.
A firefly flies at night.
Ang alitaptap ay lumilipad sa gabi.
A firefly has poisonous chemicals from its body.
Ang alitaptap ay may nakakalasong kimikal sa kanyang katawan.
A firefly is a very tiny insect.
Ang alitaptap ay isang napakaliit na insekto.