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Tagalog Love Quotes

Tagalog Love Quotes

Tagalog Love Quotes

In Tagalog, Love Quotes are also called Mga Kasabihan Tungkol sa Pag-ibig.  These love quotes in Tagalog will help you to express how you feel.

Here are a few beautiful love quotes for your loved one. Love is not a materialistic thing. Love is about your life that the two of you share together. 

Tagalog Love Quotes for Him

Express your love with these romantic, sweet, deep, and wonderful love quotes for Him - your boyfriend, lover, crush, friend, or special someone.

Tagalog Love Quotes for Him
With a piece of dirt, the world was built.  With a mound of muddy clay, a man was created.  It's just like You...  With just one smile, my heart was made whole again.
Tagalog Love Quotes for Him
If the reason why I loved you is too shallow,
The reason why we will last - I will tell you so.

Tagalog Love Quotes for Her

Be sure to tell her how special and important she is in your life.

Tagalog Love Quotes for Her
Love is like rain.
Sometimes it is slow, sometimes it comes fast.
You can feel it, but you cannot stop it.

Tagalog Love Quotes for Her
Even though I am fierce enough to fight with you,
I am not cool enough when it comes to the fear of losing you.

Tagalog Love Quotes for Wife

Share these quotes to your beloved wife and mother of your children. Let your wife how much you love her by sharing these beautiful quotes about love.

Tagalog Love Quotes for Wife
An everlasting love is one that:
1.  Gives life to your soul
2.  Serves as the fire in your heart
3.  Instills peace in your heart and mind
I would like to give you a Love that will last forever.

Tagalog Love Quotes for Wife
You are the first and the last Love of my life.

Tagalog Love Quotes for Husband

Enjoy these love quotes for husband, and share them with your partner for life.

Tagalog Love Quotes for Husband
My heart is filled with joy, My Love.
Whenever you are with me, my mind is free.
I love you very much.
My Life, My Happiness.

Tagalog Love Quotes for Husband
Tears of Love

If I can have just one wish, 
I will choose to be the tears in your eyes.
So whenever your tears fall down,
I will flow from your face to your cheeks.
And whenever you are lonely and feeling down,
Those tears will remain on your sweet lips.

Tagalog Love Quotes for Girlfriend

Give your girlfriend all the magical feeling of being loved with these romantic love quotes for her.
Tagalog Love Quotes for Girlfriend
I wish that we can always be together,
When in pain and when we are better.
I wish that we will never grow apart,
In this life, let Love guide our heart.

Tagalog Love Quotes for Girlfriend
I Love You:
I - I
L - onged
O - nly and
V - ow to 
E - njoy
Y - our
O - ne
U - nending Affection.

Tagalog Love Quotes for Boyfriend

These cute boyfriend quotes are perfect for telling your special man just how much you love him.

Tagalog Love Quotes for Boyfriend
I may not be able to tell you how much I really like you.
I may not be able to say to you how important you are in my world.
But I want you to know that you are the only one in my heart.
Merry Christmas, My Love...

Tagalog Love Quotes for Boyfriend
You are my World.
My friend, my home, my heart.
In the house, you give warmth,
My Happiness, My Hope, My Love

Love Messages for Her

It is impossible, says Pride.
It is risky, says Experience.
It is pointless, says Reason.
It is painful, says Fear.
It is chaotic, says Freedom.
It is worth a try, whispered Love.

A heart that has Love for you
Will lift your spirit up when you are feeling down,
Lend you a hand when you feel like giving up,
Will give you Joy and Hope as a promise to cherish,
And will give you a reason to live in this confusing world.

Love Messages for Him

A true relationship represents
the union of two imperfect souls
who will not give up for every trial that comes
in the name of Love.
Learn to love a person,
but do not focus on their physical beauty
but on their beautiful heart.
Beauty gets withered with age but
a good deed will always be remembered
in the mind, heart, and soul of
those whom you have helped.

Love Messages for Girlfriend

I Love You means -
Take Care.
Stay warm.
Have a great day.
Sleep Well.
Get Well Soon.
Welcome Back.
I Love You...
Meeting you was fate,
Becoming your friend was made possible with faith.
Falling in love with you was a feeling I can never forget.
Being at your side forevermore and everlasting,
That was a beautiful decision that made every bit of sense.

Love Messages for Boyfriend

I Love You
I am what I am now because of you.
You are my reason, my hope, my dream, my joy.
The direction and reason of my existence in this wretched world.
Loving you was one of the best decision
I made in my life.

Sweet Messages For Valentines' Day

Every second I spent together with you
Has been beautiful and memorable.
But I promise you this -
That the best moments are yet to come.
I am in loved with you.
I love the way you do your thing.
I love everything you talk about.
I love everything that you are.

You are my first thought when I wake up
And the last thing on my mind before I lay down to sleep.
You are my dream, my life, my everything.
I Love You, My Love.

Falling in love is an amazing experience. We hope you enjoyed our love quotes in Tagalog.

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