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How To Say "You're Welcome" in Tagalog

The words You're Welcome is a friendly response to  the words Thank you.  It is a way of expressing that we accept the other person's thoughtfulness for extending our help to them.  In this lesson, we are going to teach you How To Say You're Welcome in Tagalog as well as other ways on how the word Welcome is used as a greeting word in a sentence for both English and Tagalog language translation.
How To Say You're Welcome in Tagalog

How To Say You're Welcome in Tagalog

Saying the words You're Welcome is polite manner or way of responding back to a person who showed their gratefulness and appreciation for saying Thank You to you for a good job well done, for helping them out, or for doing them a simple favor like opening a door for an elderly person or picking up a simple item that was accidentally dropped by a person while walking on the street.  You're Welcome is also said as Walang Anuman in Tagalog translation.  However, the word Welcome itself is used as a Greeting word which is used when we are inviting a guests to come inside our home, when we are greeting somebody to embrace a new beginning or chapter in their life like going to a college for the first time. when we are entertaining people to dine in with us, accepting people to work for us, or inviting people to attend seminars, conferences, sermons at Church, birthday parties, wedding celebrations, and special Holiday occasions such as All Saint's Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

You're Welcome.

Walang Anuman.

Wa-lang A-nu-man

You're Welcome.
Walang ano pa man.
Maligayang Pagdating. 
Welcome Home.
Maligayang Pagbabalik.
Welcome to our home.
Maligayang Pagdating sa aming tahanan. 
Let's welcome the coming New Year!
Gunitain natin ang pagdating ng Bagong Taon!