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How To Say "I Love You" in Tagalog

Love makes the world go round.  Love is everywhere and is deeply carved in each and everyone's delicate heart, mind, and soul.  To love is the greatest and most important value that molds us into one united community of individuals who are living harmoniously with each other despite our individual differences.  In this lesson, we will show you a variety of way on how to say these very powerful words that shaped, molded, and brought great empires and nations to its knees - the words I Love You as spoken using the Tagalog language translation.
How To Say I Love You in Tagalog

How To Say "I Love You" In Tagalog

     Love, is also called Pag-ibig or mahal in Tagalog.  Love can be expressed in a lot of different ways.  Love can be shown by loving one's self by taking good care of your own health and learning how to appreciate your own life, beauty, talents, and skills.  
     To love one another means that you are willing to sacrifice and share your life, time, affection, and care for others because you find joy and happiness being around the people that you love and care for.  
     To love your work means that you are passionate, determined, and willing to devote your time and energy in sharing your abilities to increase productivity and improve efficiency in helping a business grow.  
    To love your religion means that you have faith, care, and place utmost importance in your own beliefs and values in life.  
      To love your family, or pamilya means that you your elders and every family member with utmost respect and care.  
    To love your country means that you are eager and willing to defend it, uphold its flag, respect its laws and regulations, and take pride in being part of its traditions and cultures.

Here are the most common ways on How To Say I Love You in Tagalog translation to help you express your feeling of love and devotion.

I love you.

Mahal kita.

Ma-hal Ki-ta

I love you.
Iniibig kita.

I love you very much.
Mahal na mahal kita.

I love you too.
Mahal din kita.

I really love you.
Mahal kitang talaga.

I loved you.
Minahal kita.

I do not love you anymore.
Hindi na kita mahal.

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