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I Love You In Tagalog

Love makes the world go round. Love is everywhere and is deeply carved in each and everyone's delicate heart, mind, and soul.

This guide will help you to say "I Love You" in Tagalog. So let's get started.

Ways to Say “I love you” In Tagalog





I love you.

Mahal Kita.

I love you Mother.

Mahal Kita Nanay.

I love you Mom.

Mahal Kita, Aking Ina.

I love you Father.

Mahal Kita Tatay.

I love you Dad.

Mahal Kita Ama.

I love you Brother.

Mahal kita kapatid na lalaki.

I love you Sister.

Mahal kita kapatid na babae.

I love you Cousin.

Mahal Kita Pinsan.

I love you Husband.

Mahal Kita asawang lalaki.

I love you Wife.

Mahal Kita asawang babae.

I love you Grandfather.

Mahal Kita Lolo.

I love you Grandmother.

Mahal Kita Lola.

I love you Uncle.

Mahal Kita Tito.

I love you Aunt.

Mahal Kita Tita.

I love you Son.

Mahal Kita anak na lalaki.

I love you Daughter.

Mahal Kita anak na babae.

I love you too.

Mahal din kita.

I love you very much.

Mahal na mahal kita.

Do you love me?

Mahal mo ba ako?

I love you always.

Mamahalin kitang lagi.

I don’t love you.

Hindi kita mahal.

I really love you.

Talagang mahal kita.

I loved you.

Minahal kita.

Yes, I love you.

Oo, Mahal kita.

I love you forever.

Mahal kita magpakailanman.

Remember that I love you.

Tandaan mong mahal kita.


To love is the greatest and most important value that molds us into one united community of individuals who are living harmoniously with each other despite our individual differences.

To love one another means that you are willing to sacrifice and share your life, time, affection, and care for others because you find joy and happiness being around the people that you love and care for.