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How To Say "Good Morning" in Tagalog

I love waking up early in the morning to watch the sunrise extend its rays to provide warmth and brightness to the world.  I like the sweet scent and aroma of dark coffee brewing at the kitchen counter every morning while I wake up.  I would sit down near the window to listen to the chirping and singing of the early birds pecking excitedly at the black sunflower seeds that I had previously scattered the other day at the backyard.  A family of black crows would be cawing and watching cautiously on a branch nearly.  In this lesson, we will teach you How to Say Good Morning in Tagalog in various ways.
How To Say Good Morning in Tagalog

How To Say Good Morning in Tagalog

Greeting a person with a smile in the morning is a beautiful way so start the day. Serving warm milk, coffee, or tea can also provide warmth and contentment to both body, mind, and soul.  Serving a healthy breakfast meal to your family or pamilya at home is a wonderful way to show love or pag-ibig, care, and affection as warm food will provide family members with the energy, strength, motivation, and concentration to face the day's work with happiness and joy in their hearts.  Good Morning is also said as Magandang Umaga using the Tagalog translation.

Good Morning.

Magandang Umaga.

Ma-gan-dang U-ma-ga
Good Morning to you.
Magandang umaga sa iyo.
Good Morning to All.
Magandang umaga sa inyong lahat.
Good Morning, My Love.
Magandang umaga, Mahal ko.
I had a good morning.
Ako ay may magandang umaga.
We have a good morning today.
Tayo ay may magandang umaga ngayon.
It is one good morning.
Ito ay isang magandang umaga.

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