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Grasshopper - Insects in Tagalog

Grasshopper in Tagalog

How To Say "Grasshopper" in Tagalog

In Tagalog, Grasshopper is called Tipaklong.

In this post, you will learn the vocabulary words related to Grasshopper and some example phrases.

Grasshopper Vocabulary Words

Listed below are common words for Grasshopper, and related concepts:

1 Grasshopper Tipaklong
2 Insect Insekto
3 Animal Hayop
4 Green Berde
5 Grass Damo
6 Hop Paglukso
7 Leaf Dahon
8 Farm Bukid
9 Garden Hardin
10 Invertebrate Hayop na walang buto

Grasshopper Example Phrases

Most grasshoppers are colored green. Karamihan sa mga tipaklong ay kulay berde o luntian.
The ears of the grasshopper is located by its belly. Ang mga tainga ng mga tipaklong ay nasa kanilang tiyan.
A grasshopper can fly. Ang tipaklong ay nakakalipad.
Grasshoppers can destroy crops. Ang mga tipaklong ay nakakasira ng mga pananim.
Grasshoppers are rich in protein. Ang mga tipaklong ay mayaman sa protina.
Grasshoppers live in the meadows. Ang mga tipaklong ay nakatira sa damuhan.
A grasshopper is an herbivore. Ang tipaklong ay hayop na kumakain ng mga halaman.
A grasshopper eats plants and leaves. Ang tipaklong ay kumakain ng mga halaman at mga dahon.
A grasshopper is considered a pest. Ang tipaklong ay itinuturing na isang peste.
Grasshoppers are eaten as food in some countries. Ang mga tipaklong ay kinakain bilang pagkain sa ibang bansa.

Learn more vocabulary terms with our list of Insect Names in Tagalog. Learning vocabulary words is a very important part of learning a new language. A good idea to help learn more words faster is to put them into context. Try to using the words in sentences.

Insect Names in Tagalog


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