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Thank You in Tagalog - English to Tagalog Translation

Thank You Word List in Tagalog

In Tagalog, Thank You is Salamat.
In this post, you will learn the vocabulary words related to Thank You and some example phrases.

Thank You Vocabulary Words

Listed below are common words for Thank You, and related concepts:

1 Thank You Salamat
2 Thanks Salamat
3 Thankful Nagpapasalamat
4 Respect Paggalang
5 Moral Ugali
6 Value Halaga
7 Character Katangian
8 Personality Personalidad
9 Principle Prinsipyo
10 Respectful Magalang

Thank You Example Phrases

We show our gratitude and appreciation by saying these two very simple words Thank you. Such simple words have quite a strong impact.  This guide will help you say "Thank You" in Tagalog. So let's get started.



Thank you.

Salamat po

Thank you so much.

Maraming salamat po.

We give thanks to you Lord.

Kami ay nagpapasalamat sa iyo, Panginoon.

Thank you for putting up with me.

Salamat sa pagtitiis mo sa akin.

Lord, thank you for another day.

Panginoon, salamat sa isa pang araw.

Thank you for your service.

Salamat sa iyong serbisyo.

Thank you for your donation.

Salamat sa iyong donasyon.

Thank you for listening.

Salamat sa pakikinig.

Thank you Lord for saving my soul.

Salamat Panginoon sa pagligtas sa aking kaluluwa.

Thank you for my life.

Salamat para sa buhay ko.

Thank you for coming into my life.

Salamat sa pagdating sa buhay ko.

Thank you in overcoming trials in life.

Salamat sa pagdaig sa mga pagsubok sa buhay.

Thank you Lord for another year.

Salamat Panginoon sa isa pang taon.

Thank you for all your hard work.

Salamat sa lahat ng iyong pagsusumikap.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Salamat sa iyong kooperasyon.

Thank you for the blessings.

Salamat sa mga biyaya.

Thank you for the birthday gifts.

Salamat sa mga regalo para sa kaarawan.

Thank you in sharing the words of God.

Salamat sa pagbabahagi ng mga salita ng Diyos.

Thank you for everything.

Salamat sa lahat.

Thank you for all you do.

Salamat sa lahat ng iyong gawa.

Thank you for your help.

Salamat sa iyong tulong.

Thank you for watching over us.

Salamat sa pagpapatnubay sa amin.

Thank you for joining us.

Salamat sa pagsama sa amin.

Thank you for loving me.

Salamat sa pagmamahal sa akin.

Thank you for your patience.

Salamat sa iyong pasensya.

Thank you for your understanding.

Salamat sa iyong pag-unawa.

Thank you for your kindness.

Salamat sa iyong kabaitan.

Thank you for the music.

Salamat sa musika.

Thank you for being a friend.

Salamat sa pagiging kaibigan.

Thank you Lord.

Salamat Panginoon.

Thank You in Tagalog Messages
Here are some beautiful Thank You Messages that you can give and share to your family, friends, and loved ones to brighten their day and show them your appreciation and thanks.
Thank You in Tagalog
Thank You in Tagalog
Thank You in Tagalog
Thank You in Tagalog
Thank You in Tagalog
Thank You in Tagalog
Thank You in Tagalog
Thank You in Tagalog
Thank You in Tagalog
Thank You in Tagalog
We express and show our gratitude for a lot of things - most importantly for God, our life, for our family and friends, for good health, joy, and happiness, for our talents, skills, and even for the struggles, difficulties, and challenges that comes in our way and test our endurance.

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