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How to Say "Thank you" in Tagalog Translation

We show our gratitude and appreciation by saying these two very simple words - Thank you.  Such simple words have quite a strong impact on people as it shows our personality as individuals who are polite, humble, respectful, and appreciative of the good efforts and deeds of others.  In this lesson we are going to teach you How to Say "Thank you" in Tagalog Translation.
How to Say Thank you in Tagalog Translation

How to Say Thank you in Tagalog Translation

The sweetest words that are pleasing and delightful in anyone's ears are the words "Thank you".  Learn how to say Thank you for even the smallest acts of kindness shown towards you and such polite words will surely go a long way.  We express and show our gratitude for a lot of things - most importantly for our life, for our family and friends, for good health, joy, and happiness, for our talents, skills, and even for the struggles, difficulties, and challenges that comes in our way and test our endurance.
Thank You
Here is how we say the words "Thank you" in the Tagalog language translation.  Thank you, also known as Salamat (sa-la-mat) in Tagalog, is an expression of gratitude to show that we appreciate a good deed bestowed upon us.

Thank you.

Salamat po.

Sa-la-mat po


Thank you very much.
Maraming salamat po.

Thank you for your kindness.
Salamat po sa iyong kabaitan.

Thank you for giving me this cake.
Salamat po sa keyk na bigay ninyo.

Thank you very much, Dear Lord.
Maraming salamat po, Mahal na Panginoon.

Thank you for the Christmas gifts.
Salamat po sa mga Pamaskong regalo.

Thank you for giving me food.
Salamat sa bigay mong pagkain.

Thank you for giving me this plant.
Salamat po sa bigay ninyong halaman.

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