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‘How Are You’ in Tagalog

How Are You in Tagalog

‘How Are You’ in Tagalog

In Tagalog, How Are You is Kumusta ka.

In this post, you will learn the vocabulary words related to How Are You and some example phrases.

How Are You Vocabulary Words

Listed below are common words for How Are You, and related concepts:

1 How Are You? Kumusta Ka?
2 Greetings Mga Pagbati
3 Respect Paggalang
4 Communication Komunikasyon
5 Socialization Pakikisalamuha
6 Value Halaga
7 Character Katangian
8 Personality Personalidad
9 Asking Pagtatanong
10 Question Tanong

How Are You Example Phrases

How are you? Kumusta ka?
How are you feeling today? Kumusta ang pakirandam mo ngayon?
How are you feeling this morning? Kumusta ang iyong pakirandam ngayong umaga?
How are you doing at work? Kumusta ka sa iyong trabaho?
Good day! How are you? Magandang araw! Kumusta ka?
How are you, My Mother? Kumusta ka, Aking Ina?
Good morning. How are you today? Magandang umaga. Kumusta ka ngayon?
Hello friend, how are you? Hello kaibigan, kumusta ka?
How are you getting along with your classmates? Kumusta ang iyong pakikitungo sa iyong mga kaklase?
Hi there! How are you today? Kumusta ka dyan! Kumusta ka ngayong araw?

The Filipino people are known for their friendliness and generosity when it comes to greeting and entertaining guests, their elders, family members, and even to complete strangers.  Formal greetings is a sign of showing respect and humble intentions.  In today's lesson, we are going to teach you How to say "How are you?" in Tagalog Translation.  We will also talk about different feelings and emotions in English and Tagalog translation with sentences to go with it so you can improve and enhance your vocabulary skills.

Greeting somebody "How Are You?" is the same as saying "Kumusta ka?" in Filipino language.  We have here some examples on how we use these words in greeting others to show that we are friendly and respectful individuals.

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