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How To Say "I Miss You" in Tagalog

We tend to miss people who are not with us at the moment or those family members, friends, and loved ones who are dear and close to our hearts.  When we are not with them, especially during special occasions such as birthday celebrations and special Holidays such as Christmas Day and New Year's Day, we miss and remember the good old times when we are by their side.  In this lesson, we will teach you How To Say I Miss You in Tagalog so you can express your love, care, and feeling to those people whom you love and care for but is not there to be with you at the moment.
How To Say I Miss You in Tagalog

How To Say "I Miss You" in Tagalog

In life, we need to learn how to cherish every time and opportunity that we have with people that we love and those whom we hold close and dear to our hearts.  Do not take the people you love for granted but hence, you need to express your love, care, and affection for them in both words and actions.  Whether you are in a long distance relationship, if you are an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) working abroad to make ends meet for your family, if  you are studying or working away from your home, here are some of the ways of expressing how you miss someone and how to say I Miss You using the Tagalog language translation.

I Miss You.

Namimiss Kita.

Na-mi-miss Ki-ta

I Miss You.

Naaalala Kita.

Na-a-a-la-la Ki-ta

I Miss You.

Nangungulila ako sa iyo.

Na-ngu-ngu-li-la a-ko sa i-yo.
I miss you so much.
Miss na miss kita.
I really miss you.
Talagang miss kita.
I missed you at school.
Namiss kita sa paaralan.
Yes of course, I missed you.
Oo siyempre, namiss kita.

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