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How To Say "Blue" in Tagalog

Blue is the color of the vast skies and crystal clear oceans and seas.  Blue is one of the primary colors of the rainbow alongside red and yellow.  Blue also happens to be one of my favorite colors as well.  Blue is a color that makes up three-fourth of the Earth's surface that is mostly covered with water.  In today's lesson, we are going to show you a few things that are colored blue as well as teach you How To Say Blue in Tagalog translation.
How To Say Blue in Tagalog

How To Say Blue in Tagalog

The color blue is a cool color that symbolizes a lot of meanings for people.  Blue is also known as asul or bughaw in Tagalog language.  Blue is one of the colors of the Philippine National Flag where the color blue stands for peace or kapayapaan, justice or hustisya, and truth or katotohanan.  Blue also represents tranquility, calmness, and serenity.  People who love the color blue have a cool and calming personality, they are wise, intellectual, and slow to anger.  Here are some realistic photos of things, objects, and living things that are blue in color to help you visualize and see what color blue is all about.  We also used the color blue in a phrases with both in English and Tagalog translation.

Blue - Asul/Bughaw

A-sul / Bug-haw

Blue balloon
Asul na lobo
Blue butterfly
Asul na paru-paro
Blue car
Asul na kotse
Blue egg
Asul na itlog
Blue eye
Asul na mata
Blue feather
Asul na balahibo
Blue fish
Asul na isda
Blue frog
Asul na palaka
Blue hair
Asul na buhok
Blue jacket
Asul na dyaket
Blue jellyfish
Asul na dikya
Blue kite
Asul na saranggola
Blue parrot
Asul na loro
Blue rose
Asul na rosas
Blue shoes
Asul na sapatos
Blue sky
Asul na kalangitan
Blue train
Asul na tren
Blue water
Asul na tubig