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List of English and Tagalog Names of Farm Animals

Here is a list of Tagalog and English names of different types of farm animals with their corresponding pictures. Also included in this post are some examples of how you use these farm animal names in an Tagalog sentence to help you increase your Tagalog vocabulary.  The animal pictures will assist you in remembering the animal names that you have learned as well as how these words are used in meaningful short sentences.

Easy Recipe for Toaster Oven Chocolate Chip Cookies

These chocolate chip cookies are very soft and the chocolate bits melt in your mouth with every bite.  Come and join me as I show you how I make these very easy recipe for chocolate chip cookies using the toaster oven.

Filipino Food for Christmas in the Philippines

The most exciting Holiday in the Philippines is Christmas Day which is celebrated every December 25 of the year.  Most Filipinos love Christmas celebrations and everything about this special Holiday is meticulously planned and organized - from the Filipino food preparations for Christmas down to the minute details of Christmas decorations and gifts for each kapamilya, kabarkada, and to the whole barangay community. The Filipino people are so hospitable that they like to make sure that the whole Filipino community, including foreigners, tourists, and strangers get to enjoy the Christmas festivities to the fullest.

Canned Tuna Lumpia Recipe

Canned Tuna Lumpia is a tasty and delicious treat for the entire family to enjoy.  It is easy to prepare and the ingredients are simple, affordable, and can easily be found in your kitchen pantry.

List of English and Tagalog Names of Fruits

Learn the different kinds of tropical fruits that are found in the Philippines.  Here is an educational list of English names of fruits and their corresponding fruit names using the Tagalog language translation of the Filipinos.  Have a great time learning the fruit names in both English and Filipino terms.

How to Make Cassava Cake (Filipino Dessert Recipe)

In the Philippines, my Ilocano grandparents own a small farm lot where they plant a lot of cassava root crop or kamoteng kahoy, along with corn, sugar cane, camote, and other simple vegetable plants that are indigenous to the Filipino people such as the saluyot, parya, sitaw, and upo.

Tilapia Fish Ball Recipe

These tilapia fish balls are very light, fluffy, and tasty Filipino street food snacks that is usually eaten for merienda in the Philippines.  Have a great time learning with me as I show you how to make these delicious Tilapia Fish Ball Recipe that will surely satisfy your craving for a balance between sweet, sour, and salty street food treats.