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Canned Tuna Lumpia Recipe

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A Trip to Ottawa - Capital City of Canada

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada.  It is a beautiful and tranquil place that is filled with fun and adventure so a lot of tourists from all over the world go there to explore and experience what the city has to offer.  Most of the historical places and points of interests such as the museums, libraries, parks, churches, schools, shopping centers, and eateries are conveniently located and situated in the heart of the city itself.

Palitaw Recipe (Sweet Rice Cakes)

Palitaw is definitely one of the simplest Filipino dessert recipes that is very easy to make, affordable, delicious, and a more nutritious food alternative that you can serve for snack, merienda or dessert.

Biko Recipe (Filipino Rice Cake)

My husband would always crave to eat a sweet snack or simple dessert after dinner time so I serve him this Biko recipe, a Filipino version of a sweet rice cake.  This Biko Recipe combines the perfect blend of sweetness from the sticky glutinous rice and creamy coconut milk topping.

Arroz Caldo Recipe

This Filipino congee is called Arroz Caldo - it is made with a combination of sweet smelling Jasmine rice and sticky glutinous rice sauteed with aromatics such as white onions, garlic, and ginger then slowly simmered with chicken stock and chicken meat pieces.  It is simply seasoned with salt, ground black pepper then garnished and sprinkled with green onions and topped with slices of boiled eggs.

Kutsinta Recipe (Kutchinta)

Kutsinta is a very simple Filipino steamed dessert with a distinctive shade of orange hue or color brought about by using dark brown sugar and annato seeds as a natural food coloring.  These kutchinta resemble the look of steamed sticky rice cakes with a sweet, soft, and chewy texture.  It is then topped with freshly grated coconut meat or kinayod na niyog.

How to Make Sapin-sapin

If you are missing the magical taste of this colorful layers of sticky rice cake dessert with a mild creaminess of coconut milk, tasty purple yam, and hint of sweetness from the jackfruit or langka, then allow me to show you how to make this very simple steamed Filipino dessert called Sapin-sapin.