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English and Tagalog Shapes (Mga Hugis)

Shapes Word List in TagalogIn Tagalog, shapes are called mga hugis.   In this post, you will learn the vocabulary words related to shapes and some example phrases. Shapes Vocabulary WordsListed below are common words for shapes, and related concepts:1ShapesMga Hugis2ArcArko3CircleBilog4ConeKono5CubeKubo6CylinderSilindro7OvalHabilog8PyramidPiramide9RectangleParihaba10SphereGlobo11SquareParisukat12TriangleTatsulok13PentagonPentagono14OctagonOktagono15HexagonHeksagono16OblongPahaba17TrapezoidTrapesoyd18ParallelogramParigapay19Arrow-shapedHugis palaso20Heart-shapedHugis puso21Diamond-shapedHugis dyamante22Star-shapedHugis bituin23Moon-shapedHugis buwan24Cross-shapedHugis krus25Crescent-shapedHugis gasuklay26Ring-shapedHugis singsingShapes Example PhrasesA triangle is a shape that has three sides.Ang tatsulok ay hugis na may tatlong gilid.A square is a shape that has four equal sides.Ang parisukat at hugis na may apat na magkasukat na sulok.The two opposite sides of a rectangular shape have …

I Miss You in Tagalog - Namimiss Kita Messages

I Miss YouIn Tagalog and English In Tagalog, I Miss You is said as Namimiss Kita.
In this post, you will learn the vocabulary words related to I Miss You and some example phrases.
Listed below are common words for I Miss You, and related concepts:1I Miss You.Namimiss Kita.2AffectionPagsuyo3ExpressionMaysakit4LovePag-ibig5LovePagmamahal6DevotionDebosyon7CourtshipPakikipagkaibigan8PassionPagsinta9FeelingPakirandam10FondGiliwI Miss You Example Phrases English and TagalogI Miss You.Namimiss Kita.I Miss You.Naaalala Kita.I Miss You.Nangungulila ako sa iyo.I miss you so much.Miss na miss kita.I really miss you.Talagang miss kita.I missed you at school.Namiss kita sa paaralan.Yes of course, I missed you.Oo siyempre, namiss kita.We missed you at Church.Namiss ka namin sa sibahan.I missed my friend.Namiss ko ang aking kaibigan.I missed your friendship.Namiss ko ang ating pagkakaibigan.(Namimiss Kita) MessagesHere are some beautiful I Miss You in Tagalog Messages that you can send and share to you…

Good Morning in Tagalog

Greeting a person with a smile in the morning is a beautiful way so start the day. Simple words have quite a strong impact.  This guide will help you learn to say "Good Morning" in Tagalog. So let's get started.Ways to Say “Good Morning” In TagalogGood Morning.Magandang UmagaGood Morning and Thank you.Magandang Umaga at Salamat.Good Morning Dear.Magandang Umaga Mahal.Good Morning Friend.Magandang Umaga Kaibigan.Good Morning Neighbor.Magandang Umaga Kapitbahay.Good Morning Beautiful.Magandang Umaga Maganda.Good Morning Everyone.Magandang Umaga sa lahat.Good Morning Kiss.Magandang Umaga Halik.Good Morning My Love.Magandang Umaga, Aking Mahal.Good Morning Monday.Magandang Umaga Lunes.Good Morning Tuesday.Magandang Umaga Martes.Good Morning Wednesday.Magandang Umaga Miyerkules.Good Morning Thursday.Magandang Umaga Huwebes.Good Morning Happy Friday.Magandang Umaga Masayang Biyernes.Good Morning Saturday.Magandang Umaga Sabado.Good Morning Happy Sunday.Magandang Umaga Masayan…

Maligayang Pasko Greetings Tagalog 2020

Here are some wonderful Maligayang Pasko Greetings and Merry Christmas Messages in Tagalog for the Year 2020 that you can share to your loved ones, family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances for this coming Holiday Seasons 2020.
Maligayang Pasko Greetings for 2020We have made these beautiful collection of Maligayang Pasko 2020 or Merry Christmas Wishes, Messages, Greetings, and Quotes that you can send to the people whom you loved and cared for without having to send Merry Christmas Cards to them directly.

We hope that you liked browsing over these nice and colorful Merry Christmas Greetings for this year.  We wish you a fruitful, bountiful, and prosperous Maligayang Pasko for Year 2020 and a Blessed Merry Christmas Year 2020 to All!!!

Happy Birthday Word List in Tagalog

Happy Birthday Word List in TagalogIn Tagalog, Happy Birthdayis called Maligayang Kaarawan.
In this post, you will learn the vocabulary words related to Happy Birthday and some example phrases. Happy Birthday Vocabulary WordsListed below are common words for Happy Birthday, and related concepts:1Happy BirthdayMaligayang Kaarawan2HappyMaligaya3BirthdayKaarawan4BirthKapanganakan5OccasionOkasyon6CelebrationPagdiriwang7PartySalu-salo8GiftRegalo9PresentRegalo10CakeKeyk11PartyParti12BalloonLobo13Ice CreamSorbetes14InvitationImbitasyon15GuestBisita16CardKard17LetterLiham18DessertPanghimagas19CandleKandila20AgeTaonHappy Birthday Example Phrases
Happy Birthday to you.Maligayang Kaarawan sa iyo.His birthday is near.Malapit na ang kanyang kaarawan.They celebrated her birthday at the park.Ipinagdiwang nila ang kanyang kaarawan sa parke.My mom baked a cake for my birthday.Ang aking nanay ay naghurno ng keyk para sa aking kaarawan.I received a red bike for my birthday.Ako ay nakatanggap ng pulang bisi…

Tagalog Love Quotes

Tagalog Love QuotesIn Tagalog, Love Quotes are also called Mga Kasabihan Tungkol sa Pag-ibig.  These love quotes in Tagalog will help you to express how you feel.Here are a few beautiful love quotes for your loved one. Love is not a materialistic thing. Love is about your life that the two of you share together. Tagalog Love Quotes for HimExpress your love with these romantic, sweet, deep, and wonderful love quotes for Him - your boyfriend, lover, crush, friend, or special someone.
With a piece of dirt, the world was built.  With a mound of muddy clay, a man was created.  It's just like You...  With just one smile, my heart was made whole again. If the reason why I loved you is too shallow, The reason why we will last - I will tell you so.

Tagalog Love Quotes for HerBe sure to tell her how special and important she is in your life.
Love is like rain. Sometimes it is slow, sometimes it comes fast. You can feel it, but you cannot stop it.
Even though I am fierce enough to fight with you, I a…