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How To Say "Deer" in Tagalog Translation

A deer is a wild animal that is very adaptable to harsh climates and environmental conditions.  Its fur is made out of velvet that serves as protection from the environment.  A deer is a herbivorous animal that mostly feeds on fresh grass and vegetation.  In this topic, we are going to teach you a few fun facts about a deer and how to say the word Deer using the Tagalog language translation to help you improve your vocabulary and speaking skills in Filipino.
How To Say Deer in Tagalog

How To Say "Deer" in Tagalog Translation

A deer is a very quiet wild animal that lives in grasslands and in the prairies.  A deer's diet consists mainly of grass, plants, nuts, twigs, wild flowers, and berries.  A deer has very sharp eyesight as its eyes are located on the sides of its head.  A deer proceeds with caution and thread lightly in the forest so as not to attract too much attention to itself because its main enemy is the cunning wolf that comes to attack with its pack.  Among the other predators that like stalking the deer are the coyote, hyena, lion, tiger, and bobcats.  A buck is a male deer, a doe is a female deer, and a fawn is a baby deer.

Deer - Usa


A deer lives in the forest.
Ang usa ay naninirahan sa kagubatan.
A deer eats plants and grass.
Ang usa ay kumakain ng halaman at damo.
There are three deers in the woods.
May tatlong usa sa kakahuyan.
A deer is an elusive animal.
Ang usa ay isang mailap na hayop.
A deer is a kind animal.
Ang usa ay isang maamong hayop.
A male deer is an animal with large antlers.
Ang lalaking usa ay hayop na may mga malalaking sungay.
A deer can jump very high and can run swiftly.
Ang usa ay maaaring tumalon ng napakataas at tumakbo ng napakatulin.