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Pansy Patch Park in Pembroke, Ontario

It was the beginning of the Autumn or Fall Season when I decided to take a short walk to the Pansy Patch Park where the once luscious green leaves of the maple trees started changing colors into different shades of yellows, oranges, reds, and purple hues. The vibrant leaves flutter and sway to the gentle kiss of the wind as they fall gracefully at your feet like a colorful shower of confetti.  Come and join me as we explore the beauty that this park has to offer.
Pansy Patch Park River Stream

A Walk to Pansy Patch Park in Pembroke, Ontario

It was a sunny Tuesday morning when I went for a short walk to Pansy Patch Park.  The entrance sign leading to the park has a short essay about the history and story of how the park came to be what it is today. Beside the sign is a narrow road that leads downhill to a wide open parking space area.  There is a simple wooden bridge joining the parking area to the rest of the park.  
Pansy Patch Park Entrance Sign

Pansy Patch Park Location and Address

The Pansy Patch Park is secretly nestled at a small corner of the City of Pembroke in Ontario, Canada. The Pansy Patch Park is located at 83 Dickson St., Pembroke, Ontario, Canada K8A 2W9.

The Pansy Patch Park of Pembroke

Once you are inside the park, you will observe that despite the peaceful ambiance and serenity of the place, Pansy Patch Park is brimming with life and beauty.

The Pansy Patch Park Gazebo stands majestically amidst the bountiful towering trees and colorful flowering plants that are meticulously maintained and taken cared for by the Pembroke Horticultural Society.

Pansy Patch Park Gazebo

There are picnic areas made with wooden benches and tables as well as this one made of sculpted cement structure.  I was taking a photo of this picnic area when a curious blue jay landed on the table to inspect what I was doing.  

Pansy Patch Park Picnic Area

There is also another entrance that leads to the Pansy Patch Park.  It is made out of this long walkway lined with big stone boulders on the side.  Once you are inside the park, you will see a lot of critters and birds of all kinds.  The squirrels are minding their own business as they are busy hiding and burying a lot of fallen acorns under the ground.  There was a small brown chipmunk who is sitting on top of the maple tree as it stared at me while noisily opening a dried walnut with its tiny sharp teeth.

Pansy Patch Park Walkway
The green grass in Pansy Patch Park is layered with a mix of fallen autumn leaves, pine needles, and lots of acorns and walnut seeds.  There are also different kinds of flowers and a variety of plants that are neatly arranged in a row.  Amidst all the car sounds and city noises, you will also hear the gushing stream of water flowing at the edge of the park.

I love sitting on the stairs made of cement that leads to the river stream.  I just sat there and watch the flowing water as it rushed endlessly towards the Ottawa River nearby.  By silently sitting there, I saw the mallard ducks swimming and fighting against the strong currents while a flock of geese flew on the horizon.

As I raised my head to take a glimpse at the skies, I took a peek at the golden sun hiding in a thin layer of white clouds.  It welcomed the beautiful morning by shining its rays and giving warmth to everything that it touched.

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