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Clothespin Unicorn Craft for Kids

Learn how to make this very simple DIY Unicorn craft that will surely bring sparks to your children's creativity and imagination.  This magical unicorn is so bright and colorful as a rainbow that your kids will surely love and enjoy using it as a mystical character in their pretend play activities.

Clothespin Unicorn Craft for Kids
Clothespin Unicorn Craft for Kids

DIY Unicorn Craft Using Wooden Clothespins

I made a blog on DIY horse craft using old and worn clothespins and while I was working on it, I also decided to make this DIY Unicorn craft using some of the most common materials that I used in making the brown wooden horse.

Materials Needed to Make this Unicorn Craft Project

Here are the list of Materials needed before you can start making this surprisingly fun horse craft for kids pretend play:
  •  4 pieces of wooden clothespins
  •  1 piece of popsicle stick
  •  3 pieces of Sharpie Marker - color Black, Teal Blue, Sky Blue
  •  1 piece of Cardboard or White Paper Plate - color White
  •  1 bottle of Acrylic Paint - color White
  •  4 pieces of Yarn - colors Sky Blue, Rose Pink, Purple, Rainbow
  •  2 pieces Googly eyes - normal size with eyelashes
  •  1 piece Clear Gel Tacky Glue
  •  1 piece Mini cupcake liner - with Polka Dots design
  •  1 Pencil - to be used in drawing the unicorn head
  •  1 Paintbrush
  •  1 pair of Scissors
  •  1 pair of Vinyl Gloves
  •  2 pieces of White Paper or Old Newspapers
  •  1 small container - for the paint
  •  Stainless steel Cookie sheet cooling rack - for drying unicorn paint

Procedures on How To make DIY Unicorn Craft for Pretend Play

1.  Sketch and draw unicorn head.

Use your artistic touch and creativity in sketching the unicorn head into the white cardboard or paper plate using a pencil then use the black Sharpie marker to trace the final drawing of the unicorn head.  Cut the outline of the unicorn head using a good pair of scissors.

Drawing Unicorn Head on Paper Plate

2.  Paint Wooden Clothespins and Popsicle Stick.

For this step, you will need the following materials:

  • 4 pieces of wooden clothespins
  • 1 piece of popsicle stick
  • 2 pieces of white paper or old newspapers
  • A pair of vinyl gloves
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • 1 small container - for the white paint
  • Stainless steel Cookie sheet cooling rack - for drying unicorn paint

Spread the white paper or old newspaper on your working table or desk then wear the vinyl gloves so your hands so your hands do not get stained with paint and it is easier to clean up the mess.

Squirt some white acrylic pain into the small container then paint both sides and edges of the wooden clothespins and popsicle stick before allowing these to dry completely on the cooling rack.

Painting clothespins and popsicle stick

3.  Attach the eyes on the unicorn.

Since the unicorn head is already white, there is no need to paint it at all and so we can attach the unicorn eyes using the googly eyes with eyelashes using Clear Gel Tacky Glue. Allow the eyes to set and completely dry on the cooling rack.

Adding Unicorn Googly Eyes with Eyelashes

4.  Add the unicorn rainbow mane.

When the unicorn eyes are set and completely dry, measure and cut some of the yarn to be used as the unicorn hair or mane. For this unicorn, I decided to use yarn with rainbow colors and bright yarn colors such as sky blue, rose pink, and purple.

Adding Unicorn Mane using Yarn with Rainbow Colors

5.  Attach the unicorn mane using tacky glue.

After I have measured and cut the yarn for the unicorn mane, I attached it on the unicorn head using this Clear Gel Tacky Glue.

Using Tacky Glue to attach Unicorn Mane

6.  Arrange and fix unicorn mane.

After I am done securing the unicorn mane on the unicorn head, I arranged and fixed the yarn strands nicely.

Unicorn with Rainbow Mane

7.  Drawing unicorn snout and horn.

I used the teal blue Sharpie marker to draw the unicorn snout on both sides of the unicorn head then I used the sky blue Sharpie marker to draw lines on the unicorn horn on both sides of the unicorn head.

Drawing Unicorn Snout and Horn

8.  Add rainbow unicorn tail.

Measure the rainbow colored yarns to make the unicorn tail then use a good pair of scissors to cut and trim it neatly.

Adding Unicorn Tail with Rainbow Yarn

9.  Attach unicorn tail at the end of popsicle stick.

Put just right amount of tacky glue at the end of the popsicle stick where you are going to place the unicorn tail.

Adding Tacky Glue at the end of popsicle stick

10.  Attach the unicorn rainbow tail using tacky glue.

Attach the unicorn tail made of rainbow yarn at the very end of the painted wooden popsicle stick.

Attaching Unicorn tail on popsicle stick

11.  Adding the unicorn saddle using mini cupcake liner.

Use a colorful mini cupcake liner such as this polka dot design to make the unicorn saddle.

Using Cupcake Liner as Unicorn Saddle

12.  Attaching the unicorn saddle using tacky glue.

Fold the mini cupcake liner at the middle then place it on top of the wooden popsicle stick just very near the unicorn tail.  Secure the unicorn saddle on both sides of the wooden stick using this Clear Gel Tacky Glue.

Attaching Unicorn Saddle with Tacky Glue

13.  Add the unicorn legs and feet using wooden clothespins.

Once the painted four (4) wooden clothespins are completely dry, use 2 wooden clothespins to attach the unicorn head made of cardboard with the unicorn body that is made out of the wooden popsicle stick.  Arrange the unicorn feet in a V-shape position.

Then, attach the other 2 wooden clothespins near the unicorn tail and arrange it in a V-shape position as well.

Using wooden clothespins for unicorn legs

14.  Finished DIY Unicorn Craft for Room Decor or Pretend Play for Kids

Allow the unicorn to stand and fix the clothespins in a position where the unicorn can balance and stand on its own.

Finished DIY Unicorn Craft for Kids

Thank you for taking the time to visit our simple Pinay blog on this DIY Unicorn Craft for kids room decoration and pretend play using wooden clothespins, wooden popsicle sticks, and affordable materials for easy DIY crafts.

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