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How To Say "Cat" in Tagalog Translation

Cats are domesticated animals that are usually found in most homes and treated as pets or loyal companions.  These cats are also useful farm animals that are kept by farmers to help eradicate rats, mice, or rodent infestations at their farms.  We have here some fun facts about cats and some cute cat pictures and kitten photos to help you learn more about these friendly animals.  In this topic, we are going to teach you how to say the word Cat using the Tagalog language translation to help you improve your Filipino language vocabulary and Tagalog speaking skills.
How To Say Cat in Tagalog Translation

How To Say "Cat" in Tagalog Translation

Cats are wonderful animals that have been living with humans ever since the beginning of time.  These friendly animals make cat sounds like meowing to communicate with humans.  These furry creatures also like cuddling and staying close to people at home.  Cats spend most of their time sleeping or taking naps in the middle of the day.  Some cats like to go out to explore, play, and catch little critters as prey.  These animals have a very keen sense of smell and they particularly like the smell of fish and mice.  Cats are also very playful and active animals that love to jump, climb, pounce, and scratch at anything that arouses their curiosity.

Cat - Pusa


This cat has eyes that are colored green.
Ang pusa na ito ay may mga mata na kulay berde.
This is a black cat.
Ang pusa na ito ay itim.
This is a brown cat.
Ang pusa na ito ay kayumanggi.
This is an orange cat.
Ang pusa na ito ay kulay kahel.
This cat has yellow eyes.
Ang pusa na ito ay may dilaw na mga mata.
A baby cat is called a kitten.
Ang bagong panganak na pusa ay tinatawag na kuting o muning.
This cat is gray.
Ang pusa na ito ay kulay abo.
This cat has eyes that are colored blue.
Ang pusa na ito ay may mga mata na kulay asul.
There are three brown cats.
May tatlong kayumangging mga pusa.
This is a white cat.
Ito ay puting pusa.
There are two gray kittens.
May dalawang kulay abong mga kuting.

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