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How to Say "Dog" in Tagalog Translation

Dogs are considered as man's best friend. There are a lot of wild dogs living in the wilderness and most of these dogs are carnivorous in nature.  There are also a lot of domesticated dog breeds that are used by man for companionship.  These dogs offer guardianship and protection for family, friends, and loved ones.  Dogs are loyal pets that have a keen sense of smell and hearing.  In this lesson, we will teach you How to Say "Dog" in Tagalog Translation.
How to Say Dog in Tagalog Translation

How to Say Dog in Tagalog Translation

A dog is a smart animal that can be trained to assist and help humans in different ways and aspects of life. A dog is also known as aso in the Tagalog language. Dogs are very common in the household of most Filipinos as these animals are used to guard their properties and belongings at home. Some dogs also wander the streets of urban cities and these dogs are called asong gala.

Dog - Aso


A dog barks.
Ang aso ay tumatahol.

He has a pet dog.
Siya ay may alagang aso.

A dog knows how to swim.
Ang aso ay marunong lumangoy.

This dog is big and black.
Ang asong ito ay malaki at maitim.

We love our dog.
Mahal namin ang aming aso.

No dogs allowed.
Bawal ang mga aso dito.

The dog is chewing on a big bone.
Nginunguya ng aso ang malaking buto.

This dog has a yellow ball.
Ang asong ito ay may dilaw na bola.