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Clothespin Horse Craft for Kids 🐴

I have a lot of clothespins that I use for pinning and hanging wet clothes for air drying at our backyard so I decided to use some of the old clothespins that I have in making some wonderful horse crafts for my daughter who loves to do pretend play with farm animals and horses.

Clothespin Horse Craft for Kids
Clothespin Horse Craft for Kids

DIY Horse Craft using Clothespins 

It is so fun and easy to make this very cute and adorable brown horse using cardboard for the horse head, popsicle stick for the horse body, cupcake lines for the horse saddle, clothespins for the horse legs and feet, and yarn for the horse mane and horse tail.

Materials that You Will Need to Make this Horse Craft Project

Here are the list of Materials that you will need to gather before you can start making this surprisingly fun horse craft for kids pretend play:
  •  4 pieces of wooden clothespins
  •  1 piece of popsicle stick
  •  1 piece of Sharpie Marker - color Black
  •  1 piece of Cardboard - color Brown
  •  1 bottle of Acrylic Paint - color Brown
  •  2 pieces of Yarn - color Brown, color White
  •  2 pieces Googly eyes - normal size
  •  1 piece Tacky Glue
  •  1 piece Mini cupcake liner - White
  •  1 Pencil - to be used in drawing horse head
  •  1 Paintbrush
  •  1 pair of Scissors
  •  1 pair of Vinyl Gloves
  •  2 pieces of White Paper or Old Newspapers
  •  Small container - for the paint
  •  Stainless steel Cookie sheet cooling rack - for drying horse paint

Procedures on How To Make DIY Horse Craft for Pretend Play

1.  Sketch and draw head of the horse.

Using your creativity and imagination, use a pencil to sketch the horse head on a piece of cardboard paper.  If you are happy with your horse head drawing, use the Sharpie Marker to trace and draw the outline of the final horse head.

Sketching Horse Head on Cardboard Paper

2.  Cut the horse head outline.

Once you are done drawing the outline of the horse head, carefully cut the edges of the horse head shape using a good pair of scissors.

Cutting horse head outline using scissors.

3.  Gather horse craft materials for painting.

Here are the materials that you will need for this next step:

  • Cardboard with Outline of Horse Head Shape
  • 1 piece of popsicle stick
  • 4 clothespins
  • Acrylic Paint - color Brown
  • Paintbrush
  • Vinyl Gloves
  • White Paper or Old Newspapers
  • Small container - for paint
  • Cooling rack - for drying painted horse head and body

Horse Head Outline with Wooden Craft Materials

4.  Paint the horse head and body.

For easy clean up and to prevent mess everywhere, place the white paper or old newspapers on top of the desk or table then put on the vinyl gloves before you start painting the horse.

Squirt some of the brown acrylic paint inside the small container for easy access to painting each part of the horse.  I started my painting in the following order:

  • Horse Head - Make sure to paint the horse head made out of cardboard back and forth and the edges as well.  I took my time putting a second layer of paint coating on all the sides before letting it dry on a cooling rack.  Do not worry about the paint stains on your cooling rack as it can be washed off easily with dish soap and water later on.
  • Wooden Popsicle Stick - This will serve as the horse body so make sure to paint all sides and edges and then take the time to put another layer of paint coating on it before laying it down on the cooling rack.
  • 4 pieces of clothespins - These will serve as the horse legs and feet so I took my time and I patiently painted on all sides and the little crevices of each wooden clothespin.  I also made sure that I put another layer of paint coating on each clothespin before setting these to dry on top of the cooling rack.
Note:  I also placed the cooling rack directly in front of an electric fan to expedite the drying of the paint on the horse head and wooden body parts.

Painting the Horse Head and Body Parts

5.  Attach the horse eyes.

When the horse head was completely dry, I got the 2 pieces of googly eyes and attached them on each side using this Clear Gel Tacky Glue.  I gently laid down the horse head on the cooling rack to allow the googly eyes to set and dry completely.

Attaching eyes on the horse craft.

6.  Add the horse mane.

When the googly eyes are completely set and dry, I measured and cut some brown and white yarn to add the horse hair or horse mane.

Adding Horse Mane using Yarn.

7.  Attach the horse mane.

After I cut the yarn to be used as a horse mane, I fixed it nicely on the horse head then I used the Clear Gel Tacky Glue to attach and secure the horse mane in place.

Attaching Horse Mane with Tacky Glue.

8.  Add the horse tail.

After the brown paint on the wooden popsicle stick is completely dry, I added some Tacky Glue at one end of the stick.  I also measured and cut some brown and white yarn to serve as the horse tail.

Using Yarn for Horse Tail

9.  Attach the horse tail.

I attached the horse tail made out of brown and white yarn to the end of the painted wooden popsicle stick using this Clear Gel Tacky Glue.  Then, I arranged and fixed the tail.

Attaching Horse Tail To the Popsicle Stick

10.  Getting mini cupcake liner for horse saddle.

Get the mini cupcake liner to be used as a horse saddle.

Adding Horse Saddle Using Cupcake Liner

11.  Add the horse saddle.

I folded a small sized cupcake liner in the middle.  I placed it over the painted wooden popsicle stick just very near the horse tail.

Positioning Cupcake Liner as Horse Saddle

12.  Attach the horse saddle.

I used Clear Gel Tacky Glue to secure the horse saddle made of mini cupcake liner in place.

Securing Horse Saddle using Tacky Glue

13.  Add the horse front legs and feet.

After the four (4) pieces of painted clothespins are completely dry, I gathered these to be used as the horse legs and feet.  Use one (1) clothespin to attach the horse head to the wooden popsicle stick used as a horse body.

Using clothespin to attach horse head and body.

14.  Add the horse hind legs.

I clipped another brown painted clothespin to the other end of the wooden popsicle stick very near to where the horse tail is attached.

Using Clothespins as Horse Legs

15.  Draw the horse snout.

As a finishing touch-up move, use the black Sharpie marker to draw a horse snout on the front and back side of the horse head.

Drawing Horse Snout using Sharpie marker.

16.  Attach the wooden clothespins as horse legs.

Attach the remaining two (2) pieces of painted wooden clothespins to look like an inverted V-shape letter.

Clothespin Horse Craft for Kids
Finished Horse Craft for Pretend Play

Thank you for taking the time to visit our simple DIY Horse Craft using affordable crafting materials such as used wooden clothespins, wooden popsicle sticks, cupcake liners, and more.

Have fun playing pretend play with your young ones using these magnificent DIY wooden horses as farm animals.  Also, if you want to learn how to make this DIY rainbow unicorn using clothespins, then check out how this is made as well.

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