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How To Say "Violet" in Tagalog

What is the main difference between the colors purple and violet?  Well, violet has more of a bluish hue and purple has more of a reddish hue.  Violet is the last color that can be seen in a spectrum of rainbow colors.  It is the outermost part of the rainbow that can be seen rather faintly after the rain stops pouring.  The color violet is a symbol of spirituality and is a very crucial color and part of life of most Filipinos who have been influenced greatly by Catholicism.  During Christmas Eve, most Catholic Filipinos would attend the Simbang Gabi to celebrate and commemorate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The holy priest usually wears a white priesthood attire or robe lined with deep purple or violet colored silk cloth for this special Holiday occasion and even the Catholic Church or simbahan is lavishly decorated with purple and violet decors.
How To Say Violet in Tagalog

How To Say Violet in Tagalog

Violet is a very defined color that looks like a combination of fiery red and cool blue colors. Violet is a symbol of royalty, wealth, riches, pride, and power.  In the Philippines, Filipinos who are wealthy and powerful in the society are regarded with utmost respect and admiration.  During the olden days, Filipinos who are rich and famous are called mga maharlika na may dugong bughaw.  Violet is also a symbol of calmness, fantasy, and magical stuffs associated with fairy tales such as unicorns, wizards, fairies, mermaids, gnomes, and other mythical creatures.  Violet is truly a magical color that represent mysteries, adventures, and fantasies.  In the Tagalog translation, violet has many names - lila, biyoleta, murado, or kulay-ube.  In this lesson, we are going to teach you show you different things and objects that are colored violet as well as teach you how to say violet in Tagalog.

Violet - Lila/Biyoleta/Murado/Kulay-Ube




Ku-lay U-be

Violet balloons
Lilang lobo
Violet dress
Lilang damit
Violet feathers
Lilang mga balahibo
Violet flowers
Lilang mga bulaklak
Violet grapes
Lilang mga ubas
Violet mushroom
Lilang kabute
Violet necktie
Lilang kurbata
Violet plums
Lilang mga duhat
Violet ring
Lilang singsing
Violet wallet
Lilang pitaka

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