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How To Say "Orange" in Tagalog Translation

Orange is the color of a sunset giving warmth from the horizon before the world shifts into cold dark starry nights.  Orange is a color made from the combination of colors red and yellow.  Green leaves and pumpkin patches turning to orange signify the end of the hot Summer months and the beginning of the Autumn or Fall Season.  Orange is a vibrant color that brings about joy, happiness, contentment, and warmth.  In this lesson, we will show you orange pictures of different things that are colored orange.  Then we are going to teach you How To Say "Orange" using the Tagalog language translation.
How To Say Orange In Tagalog Translation

How To Say Orange In Tagalog Translation

Orange, is also known as kahel or dalandan in Tagalog translation.  Orange is a very bright color that is lighter than red and darker than yellow.  Fruits and vegetables that are colored orange are known to contain essential nutrients, minerals, and Vitamins A and C.  Orange is a very common fruit found in most markets and department stores.  The orange fruit is called dalandan in Tagalog language. Some individuals whose favorite color is orange have vibrant personalities that include being vocal, jolly, happy, confident, and understanding among others.  We have put together some realistic photos of things around us that are orange in color as well as used these words in short phrases using both the English and Tagalog language translations.

Orange - Kahel / Dalandan

Ka-hel / Da-lan-dan

Orange butterfly
Kahel na paru-paro
Orange car
Kahel na kotse
Orange carrot
Kahel na karot
Orange cat
Kahel na pusa
Orange curtain
Kahel na kurtina
Orange egg
Kahel na itlog
Orange fish
Kahel na isda
Orange leaves
Kahel na mga dahon
Orange ribbon
Kahel na laso
Orange rose
Kahel na rosas
Orange shirt
Kahel na kamiseta
Orange snake
Kahel na ahas
Orange pumpkin
Kahel na kalabasa
Orange telephone
Kahel na telepono
Orange tiger
Kahel na tigre
Orange toy
Kahel na laruan
Orange typewriter
Kahel na makinilya