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Butterfly - Insects in Tagalog

Butterfly In Tagalog

How To Say "Butterfly" in Tagalog

In Tagalog, Butterfly is called Paru-paro.

In this post, you will learn the vocabulary words related to Butterfly and some example phrases.

Butterfly Vocabulary Words

Listed below are common words for Butterfly, and related concepts:

1 Butterfly Paru-paro
2 Insect Insekto
3 Animal Hayop
4 Colorful Makulay
5 Flower Bulaklak
6 Pollination Polinasyon
7 Beautiful Maganda
8 Wing Pakpak
9 Garden Hardin
10 Invertebrate Hayop na walang buto

Butterfly Example Phrases

Butterflies have taste receptors in their feet. Ang mga paru-paro ay may receptor ng lasa sa kanilang mga paa.
A butterfly has colorful wings. Ang paru-paro ay may makulay na mga pakpak.
Butterflies feed mostly on liquid food like nectar. Ang mga paru-paro ay kumakain ng mga pagkaing likido tulad ng nektar.
A butterfly also drink in muddy puddles. Ang paru-paro ay umiinom din sa mga maputik na lusak.
A butterfly can't fly when it is cold. Ang paru-paro ay hindi lumilipad kapag ito ay giniginaw.
A butterfly can see colors. Ang paru-paro ay nakakakita ng mga kulay.
A butterfly can camouflage in its environment. Ang paru-paro ay nagbabalatkayo sa kanyang kapaligiran.
There are a lot of butterflies in this world. Mayroong napakaraming paru-paro dito sa mundo.
A caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Ang higad ay nagiging isang paru-paro.
Butterflies have two pairs of wings. Ang mga paru-paro ay may dalawang pares ng mga pakpak.

Learn more vocabulary terms with our list of Insect Names in Tagalog. Learning vocabulary words is a very important part of learning a new language. A good idea to help learn more words faster is to put them into context. Try to using the words in sentences.

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