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How To Say "Moth" in Tagalog

Join us today as we learn a few fun facts about moths using these moth pictures and realistic moth photos that we have compiled for more efficient and effective learning to all those people who love to study insects and nature lovers out there.  In today's topic, we are going to teach you how to say the word Moth using the Tagalog language of translation to help you increase your Filipino vocabulary and to help you pronounce and say Moth properly and correctly.
How To Say Moth in Tagalog

How To Say Moth in Tagalog

Moths are insects that are nocturnal in nature and are very much attracted to things that have the color yellow such as the light being emitted by a candle flame, a yellow light flickering outside your patio, porch, or balcony at night, and flickering light emitted by burning wood at a bonfire camp.  Moths come in varying sizes and earth tone colors and hues that allow them to blend and camouflage with their surroundings.  These insects also have a very keen sense of smell that they use to detect their favorite foods such as a yellow fruit like a banana and yellow liquid like beer.  Most male moths have a keener sense of smelling to find their mates in their natural environment.  

Moth - Gamu-gamo

Ga-mu ga-mo

A moth searches food at night.
Ang gamu-gamo ay naghahanap ng pagkain sa gabi.
A moth has a very short lifespan.
Ang gamu-gamu ay may maikling buhay.
A moth is a furry insect.
Ang gamu-gamo ay mabalahibong insekto.
A moth has a sharp sense of smell.
Ang gamu-gamo ay may matalas na pang-amoy.
There are big and small moths.
May mga malaki at maliit na mga gamu-gamo.
Some moths do not need to eat.
May mga gamu-gamo na hindi kailangang kumakain.