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Women's Clothes Vocabulary: Ladies Pants Names with Pictures

Women's Clothes Vocabulary:  Girls and Ladies Pants Names

In Tagalog, Women's Pants are called Mga Pantalon na Pambabae.  

In this post, you will learn the vocabulary words related to women's pants and some example phrases.

Women's Pants Names Vocabulary Words

Listed below are common words for Women's Pants o Mga Pantalon na Pambabae, and related concepts:

1. Athletic Pants
2. Bermuda Short Pants
3. Bohemian Pants
4. Bootcut Pants
5. Bush Pants
6. Capri Pants
7. Cargo Pants
8. Carpenter Pants
9. Casual Pants
10. City Short Pants
11. Cropped Pants
12. Cuffed Pants
13. Denim Jeans Pants
14. Drawstring Linen Pants
15. Elastic Waist Palazzo Culottes Trousers
16. Five Pocket Jean Pants
17. Flared Pants
18. Harem Pants
19. Hippie Pants
20. Hot Pants
21. Jodhpur Pants
22. Jumper Pants
23. Jumpsuit Pants
24. Layering Dhoti Tie Drape Pleated Pants
25. Legging Pants
26. Military Combat Work Pants
27. Overall Pants
28. Palazzo Pants
29. Playsuit Pants
30. Pleat Front Pants
31. Pleated Boho Pants
32. Pyjama Pants
33. Riding Pants
34. Ripped Pants
35. Romper Pants
36. Safari Pants
37. Sailor Pants
38. Skinny Pants
39. Skirt Short Pants
40. Slacks Pants
41. Sports Short Pants
42. Stirrup Pants
43. Straight Pants
44. Sweatpants
45. Tapered Pants
46. Thailand Yoga Pants
47. Trouser Pants
48. Wide Leg Pants
49. Wide Waistband Pants
50. Yoga Pants

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