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How To Say "Yes or No" in Tagalog

A simple question is usually answered by giving a Yes or No answer.  However, answering a simple question with just a yes or no answer can be difficult at times so people often pause and think about the question being asked.  If their answer is between yes or no, they will often say maybe or it depends.  In this lesson, we are going to teach you How To Say Yes or No in Tagalog translation so you can have the knowledge and understanding when to use it in responding or answering to Filipino questions or queries appropriately.
How To Say Yes or No in Tagalog

How To Say "Yes or No" in Tagalog

You should not take for granted answering Yes or No to a simple Yes or No question as such response may either make your life complicated. When I was still very young, my mother would ask me a simple question answerable by Yes or No but it usually takes me a while to respond to her which either makes her quite annoyed resulting to a scolding that usually last for a while. Answering Yes or No is such a simple and short response but sometimes, responding Yes or No to a question gets really complicated especially if you cannot give a direct Yes or No answer. Think first before you answer because sometimes, it will be very hard to take back your response and you will end up having to live up to your decision.  
   If you hastily gave your response of either Yes or No to a very important question, then later on realized that you made a mistake for giving the wrong answer, you will just have to swallow your pride, take the courage to apologize, and have the guts to open your mouth and speak while carefully explaining to that person why you are taking back your answer to his or her question.  That person might gladly accept your apology without your response being a big deal or you will end up hurting the other person's feelings that may lead to an argument, a bitter exchange of words, or broken relationships.  Think first before you give a response to a simple Yes or No question.
     Saying Yes or No is the same as saying Oo o Hindi in Tagalog translation.  Use these words if you are saying Yes or No to your younger siblings, friends, kabarkada, katropa, to your lover or kaibigan, husband, or people who are the same age as you are.  If you are going to say Yes or No to elder people like senior citizens, grandparents, your parents, and your uncles and aunts, you need to use the word po to show respect to them.  If you are going to say Yes or No to people with authority such as your teacher, government officials, or military personnel, use Sir or Ma'am to show your respect for them.

Yes or No

Oo o Hindi

O-o o Hin-di

Yes or No.
Opo o Hindi po.
Yes Sir. or No Sir.
Opo Sir. o Hindi po Sir.
Yes Ma'am or No Ma'am.
Opo Ma'am or Hindi po Ma'am.
Did you already eat?  Yes or No.
Kumain ka na ba? Oo o Hindi.
Do you like singing?  Yes or No.
Mahilig ka bang kumanta?  Oo o Hindi.
Do you love me?  Yes or No.
Mahal mo ba ako? Oo o Hindi.