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How To Say "Fox" in Tagalog

Foxes are animals that can both eat plants such as fruits, seeds, and vegetables and meat from small animals such as rabbit, rat, mouse, chicken, and ducks.  Foxes are known for their bushy tails with white or black tips at the ends.  The color of the fur of foxes differ depending on what species they belong and where they live.  Most arctic foxes what white furs, the bat-eared fox that live in the desert has gray fur, and the red fox of North America has orange fur.  In this lesson, we are going to give you some fun facts about foxes using both English and Tagalog sentences as well as teach you How To Say Fox using the Tagalog language translation.
How To Say Fox in Tagalog

How To Say Fox in Tagalog

Foxes are mammals and omnivorous in nature.  Foxes use their bushy tail for warmth and protection against the natural elements and weather.  Most foxes like to dig and burrow a hole underground to keep them warm and to hide their young from predators.  Most foxes are nocturnal which means that they search for food during the night time.  Their diet consist mainly of fallen fruits from trees, small rodents, and fowls.  Fox is also known as soro in Tagalog.  We do not have foxes in the Philippines but we have the Palawan flying fox which is not actually a fox but a kind of a fruit eating megabat found in the Province of Palawan.

Fox - Soro


A fox like to be by itself.
Ang soro ay nais na mag-isa.
A fox has a very sharp eyesight.
Ang soro ay may matalas na pagtingin.
A fox makes a home under the ground.
Ang soro ay naninirahan sa ilalim ng lupa.
A fox has a keen sense of hearing.
Ang soro ay may matalas na pandinig.
A fox has a stinky smell.
Ang soro ay may mabahong amoy.
A fox eats small animals.
Ang soro ay kumakain ng maliliit na mga hayop.
 A fox has whiskers on its face and legs.
Ang soro ay may balbas sa kanyang mukha at mga binti.