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How to Say "Bear" in Tagalog Translation

Bears are wild animals that thrive in the wilderness.  These bears come in different colors depending on where they live.  The polar bears are white and live in the extremely cold icy regions of the Arctic and Antarctica.  Brown bears can be found in most warm climates with forests that have rivers and streams.  Black bears are adaptable to colder climates and prefer to live in vast forests with fruit-bearing trees and lakes.  In this lesson,we will teach you How To Say the word "bear" in Tagalog language translation.

How To Say Bear in Tagalog Translation

How to Say "Bear" in Tagalog Translation

Teddy bears are cute and lovable stuffed animal toys that are often given as memorable gifts especially for special Holidays such as Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Bears are vertebrates with backbones and omnivorous in nature, meaning that these animals will eat fruits, nuts, berries, fish, and meat provided by other smaller animals. Bears are also mammals that can provide milk for their young.

Bear - Oso


The big bear asked for food.
Ang malaking oso ay nanghingi ng pagkain.

There are black bears in the forest.
May mga maitim na oso sa gubat.

The brown bear is searching for fish.
Ang kayumangging oso ay naghahanap ng isda.

A brown bear is a strong animal.
Ang kayumangging oso ay isang malakas na hayop.

A bear hibernates during the winter.
Ang oso ay natutulog tuwing taglamig.

A wounded bear is dangerous.
Ang nasugatang oso ay mapanganib.

The bear catches fish at the river.
Ang oso ay nakahuli ng isda sa ilog.

Do not feed the bears.
Huwag pakainin ang mga oso.

A mother bear is with her cub.
Ang inang oso ay kasama ng batang oso.

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