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O'Brien Beach at Gatineau Park Quebec

Welcome to the O'Brien Beach - a small yet very peaceful beach that is located near the main road and very edge of the vast Gatineau Park of Quebec City.  We went to this beach on a very late afternoon stroll at the Gatineau Park.  The beach is peaceful and tranquil with only a few cars travelling on the road nearby.  It was the end of the Summer season and the early signs of the Autumn or Fall Season can be seen with the leaves changing colors to vibrant orange and purple hues.
O'Brien Beach at Gatineau Park Quebec

The O'Brien Beach at Gatineau Park, Quebec

The O'Brien Beach is a small recreational and relaxation area that is part of the larger Meek Lake of the Gatineau Park. The beach is empty when we got there as it was already very late in the afternoon. Despite the absence of other human beings in the vicinity, a friendly seagull flew down to greet us in this very serene and quiet O'Brien Beach.

O'Brien Beach Address

The O'Brien Beach that is at Gatineau Park, Quebec is located at 33 Chemin Scott, Chelsea, Quebec City J9B 1H9.

The Gatineau Park has a very large parking space area and this main entrance trail leads to the beach area.
O'Brien Beach at Gatineau Park Trail Entrance
The scenic nature trail leads to a fork in the road and the left trail will lead you to the O'Brien Beach.
O'Brien Beach at Gatineau Park Trail

Keep on following the trail that is close to the road until you see these beautiful wooden fences that leads you downhill all the way to the beach.

O'Brien Beach Trail at Gatineau Park
The O'Brien Beach has a large picnic area with wooden benches for a more comfortable relaxation and recreation.  The sandy beach is neat and clean and a lifeguard stand is just nearby to supervise and guard the safety of the swimmers.  The beauty of the nature that surrounds you is just all too good to be true.
O'Brien Beach at Gatineau Park Picnic Area
Enjoy the beauty of nature at O'Brien Beach as you sit and relax on the wooden benches with your kids, family, and friends.  Breathe in the freshness of the air as you bask in the beautiful surroundings with the solemn sound of the beach waves caused by the blowing of the wind.

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