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List of Transportation and Vehicles Names in English With Pictures

Here is a list of various transportation and vehicle names. We included realistic transportation and vehicle pictures to help with learning and identifying how each vehicle looks like. Learn these transportation and vehicle names using the vehicle photos provided to help you improve your English vocabulary. Each transportation vehicle is used in a simple sentence using interesting fun facts for a more exciting and entertaining way of reading and learning all about cars.
List of Transportation and Vehicles Names in English With Pictures

A List of Transportation and Vehicles Names in English With Pictures

Here is a simple List of Transportation Vehicle names in English with realistic pictures and car photos for easier and better understanding and memorization.


The airplane lifted from the airport.
The most dangerous part of an airplane flights are takeoffs and landings.


The ambulance provides first aid in case of an emergency.
An ambulance responds to emergency situations.


The barge was loaded up with cargo.
A barge is used for transporting heavy goods in canals and rivers.


Air attacks have rendered the battleship obsolete.
A battleship is a huge armed and armored ship in a fleet.


I travel to work on my bicycle.
A bicycle is the most efficient mode of transportation.


The bus was full of people.
A bus is the most convenient way of travelling from one place to another.


We paddled the canoe along the coast.
A canoe can be propelled by paddling.


The carriage left a trail of dust.
A carriage is a vehicle with wheels and pulled by horses.

Cement truck 

A cement truck is used in making cement for construction work.
A cement truck moves very slowly on the road.

Cruise ship

The cruise ship is a four-decker. 
A cruise ship assists in rescue mission and emergency evacuations.

Dump truck

A dump truck is used for hauling heavy construction materials.
A dump truck is used for clearing and demolition work.

Fire engine

A fire engine is designed to assist in fire emergencies and calamity situations.
A fire engine carries fire equipment while a fire truck carries the firemen.


Operate the forklift in a safe manner.
A forklift is convenient in lifting heavy load inside factories.


A helicopter hovers above the sky.
Hovering on a helicopter is a very difficult skill to master.


A police motorcycle chased the speeding car.
A motorcycle is more economical and affordable than a car.

Pickup Truck

The pickup truck was manufactured at GMC.
A pickup truck is used by farmers in transporting their produce and animals.

Police car

The police car was going so fast.
A police car patrols the road for speeding cars.

Recycling truck

The recycling truck comes only twice a month.
A recycling truck collects recycled materials from households in the city.


The sailboat swayed on the stormy sea.
A sailboat is propelled by the blowing wind.


A motorized scooter provides mobility.
Some scooters are operated by pedals.

Semi Truck

The semi truck was carrying a load of stones.
A semi truck is used for transporting heavy products from one place to another.


Elbow pads and knee pads are a must when using a skateboard.
A skateboard trick can be perfected with regular practice and training.


The submarine is driven by nuclear power.
A submarine is used for exploration and navigation under the sea.

Subway Train

The subway train is the fastest way to get downtown.
A subway train has been built for convenient travel in urban areas.


I took a taxi cab from work to get home.
A taxi cab is a fast and efficient mode of transport inside the city.

Tow Truck

The tow truck is used to remove indisposed motor vehicles.
The largest tow truck in the world is found in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.


The tractor is loaded with bales of hay.
A tractor is used for pulling heavy agricultural equipment for farming purposes.


The train is used in transporting cargo or passengers from vast distances.
The bullet train which is known for extreme speed was build in Japan.


A camper trailer van is very popular vehicle in the United Kingdom.
A van is used by small businesses and entrepreneurs in transporting their products.


A yacht is a fancy watercraft that is used for sports, pleasure, and recreational purposes.
A yacht is a very speedy boat with a fixed keel.

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