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List of Traffic & Road Signs Names in English With Pictures

This lesson is for anyone who wishes to learn more about the very common Traffic and Road signs.  Here is a simple List of Road sign and Traffic sign names in English.  In this List of Street Sign Names, we also included road sign pictures and then used each traffic word in a simple English sentence to describe the meaning of each traffic or road sign.  Our examples along with the pictures of the traffic signs will help grow your English vocabulary.
List of Traffic & Road Signs Names in English With Pictures

A List of Traffic & Road Signs Names in English With Pictures

A road sign uses a symbol to give the road users information about the road.  This topic on traffic and road signs names is helpful and beneficial for students and adults who are wanting to pass their Driver's License Examinations so they can learn the basic signs used on the road while driving safely.  Here is a List of the Basic Traffic and Road Signs Names in English with their corresponding pictures for easier learning and memorization.  

Do Not Enter

Danger vehicles on the road will be coming toward you.  Do not enter this part of the road.
Do Not Enter Sign

Keep Out

This sign indicates No trespassing. Private property ahead so Keep Out.
Keep Out Sign

No Bicycles

Red Circle with line means No Bicycles allowed.
No Bicycles Sign

No Entry

No unauthorized access or No Entry allowed.
No Entry Sign

Railroad Crossing

This is a white X-shaped sign with black letters that spell Railroad Crossing.
Railroad Crossing Sign

Sharp Right Curve

This road sign is posted in groups to guide drivers around the Sharp Right Curves along the road.
Sharp Right Curve Sign

Stop Sign

The stop sign signifies that a vehicle has to be at a complete halt or full stop.
Stop Sign

2 Way Traffic

Two-way traffic ahead.
2 Way Traffic Sign

Added Lane

Two roads converge and merging movements are not required.
Added Lane Sign

Amish Buggy

Road warning sign telling drivers that there are Amish people driving carriage with horses ahead.
Amish Buggy Road Sign


Road warning sign telling drivers to proceed with caution because of cows ahead.
Cow Road Sign

Winding Road

First curve right.
Winding Road Sign

Deer Crossing

A road warning sign about wandering deer crossing the road.
Deer Crossing Sign

Emergency Vehicle

Alert motorists of the presence of emergency vehicles.
Emergency Vehicle Sign


H is for Hospital.
Hospital Road Sign

Keep Left

Keep to the left of this sign.
Keep Left Sign

Keep Right

Keep to the right of this sign.
Keep Right Sign

No Left Turn

Red Circle with line means you must not turn left.
No Left Turn Sign


Stay away from the cliffs Rockfall danger.
Rockfall Road Sign


Road sign warning driver of the vehicle to slow down.
Slow Sign

Speed Bump Ahead

Speed Bump or rough road ahead.
Speed Bump Ahead Sign

Stop Ahead

Stop sign ahead.
Stop Ahead Road Sign

Work zone

Road sign to warn drivers that there are construction workers on the road.
Work Zone Road Sign

Y Intersection

There is a three-way intersection up ahead on the road.
Y Intersection Sign

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