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List of Parts of a Car Names in English With Pictures

A List of Parts of A Car in English has been put together to enable car enthusiasts and anybody interested in learning all about cars to have the basic knowledge about the simple parts of a car.  Each part of the car includes a realistic image to help you identify the car parts easily and effectively.  Come and learn the names of each automobile part to help improve you English word vocabulary.
List of Parts of a Car Names in English With Pictures

A List of Parts of a Car Names in English With Pictures

Here is a List of the Names of Basic Parts of a Car in English along with realistic vehicle photos and car pictures to help you distinguish each car part from the rest.

Brake light

The first brake lights appeared as early as 1905.
Car Brake Light


The bumper absorbs shock on impact.
Car Bumper


A car door is used for entering and exiting a vehicle.
Car Door

Door handle

The door handle is used to release the door latch.
Car Door Handle

Gas Cap

The gas cap maintains pressure in the tank.
Car Gas Cap


Headlights make driving at night and in bad weather possible.
Car Headlight


A car hood is a hinged cover that rests over the engine.
Car Hood


Hubcaps are used to add a better appeal to the car.
Car Hubcap

License plate

License plate is used for vehicle identification and registration purposes.
Car License Plate

Rear-view mirror

Rear view mirror allows the driver to see rearward.
Car Rear-view Mirror


A car roof protects occupants from external elements.
Car Roof


Seats provide occupants a place to sit.
Car Seat

Seat Belt

Seat belts help reduce injuries suffered from a crash.
Car Seat Belt

Side View Mirror

Side view mirrors provide the driver with more information about the area to the sides of the car.
Car Side View Mirror


Tires are the only contact between vehicle and the road.
Car Tire


A car trunk is the primary storage area for cargo.
Car Trunk

Turn signal

A turn signal allows others to know their desired path.
Car Turn Signal


A car has windows to allow occupants to see out.
Car Window


The windshield protects passengers from flying debris.
Car Windshield

Windshield wiper

Windshield wipers are used to clean the windshield.
Car Windshield Wiper

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