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List of Bicycle Parts Names in English With Pictures

This lesson is for the avid bicycle enthusiasts and for anyone who is interested in learning the parts of a simple bicycle.  We put together this simple List of Bicycle Parts Names in English.  In this list of bicycle parts names, we included realistic bicycle pictures then used each bicycle part in English sentences to describe its functions, importance, or exciting fun facts related to it. Our examples along with the pictures will help you learn more about bicycle parts as well as help you grow your English vocabulary.
List of Bicycle Parts Names in English With Pictures

A List of Bicycle Parts Names in English With Pictures

A fun fact about bicycles - Riding a bicycle is a healthy form of exercise that can help prevent cardiovascular diseases.  It is also the most environmental friendly mode of vehicle transportation as it does not use gas that causes air pollution to the environment.  Below is a simple list of bicycle parts names in English with bicycle pictures to help you learn and memorize each bicycle part with ease and confidence.


The bicycle brakes reduce the speed of a bicycle.
Bicycle Break

Brake cable

The brake cable connects the brake handles to the bikes braking mechanism.
Bicycle Break Cable

Brake lever

The back brake lever is on the left handlebar.
Bicycle Break Lever


The bike chain drives a gear on the rear axle.
Bicycle Chain


Bmx bike frames are lighter yet sturdier.
Bicycle Frame

Front fork

The bicycle fork holds the front wheel.
Bicycle Front Fork


The handlebar is used to steer the bicycle.
Bicycle Handlebars


The hub is the central part of the bicycle’s wheels.
Bicycle Hub


Push the pedal with your foot to propel the bicycle.
Bicycle Pedal


The bike rim supports the bead of the tire casing.
Bicycle Rim


The height of the bicycle seat is adjustable.
Bicycle Seat


Bike spokes support your weight on the wheel.
Bicycle Spoke


The sprocket is a wheel with teeth around the outer edge.
Bicycle Sprocket


The bicycle tire fits on the rim of the bicycle.
Bicycle Tire


Most bicycles have two wheels.
Bicycle Wheel

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