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How To Say "Greetings" in Tagalog Translation

The Filipino people have norms and social values that they conform and adhere to in their homes as well as in their society as a whole.  One of the most important values that they uphold is respect for others as they show respect for their elders, family, friends, and important leaders in their community.  The most common way of showing respect is through the use of proper greetings that is shown by smiling, looking directly at the other person's eye, then politely greeting the person with gladness and sincerity in your heart.
How To Say Greetings in Tagalog Translation

How To Say "Greetings" in Tagalog Translation

Greetings are a way of life for the Filipino people. If you are going to approach a person, you have to show your humility and respect through the use of greeting words so they can be more friendly and accommodating in catering to your needs. We also greet people during special Holidays like birthday celebrations, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day because these are the most important occasions that are celebrated by the Filipino people. Here are the most common words used for greetings in the Tagalog language translation to help you improve your English and Filipino speech and vocabulary skills.



Greetings - Kumusta
Greetings, Friend!!!
Kumusta, Kaibigan!!!

Good Morning.
Magandang Umaga.

Good Day.
Magandang Araw.

Good Afternoon.
Magandang Hapon.

Good Evening.
Magandang Gabi.

Good Night to you.
Magandang Gabi sa iyo.

Happy Birthday!!!
Maligayang Kaarawan!!!

Merry Christmas!!!
Maligayang Pasko!!!

Happy New Year!!!
Manigong Bagong Taon!!!

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