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How To Say "Caterpillar" in Tagalog

A caterpillar is the hatched larvae of a butterfly or a moth.  Caterpillars are insects that love to keep on eating green leaves of most plants and vegetables.  These caterpillars can produce silk that helps them to travel up and down trees and plants that provide their primary source of food and energy.  In this lesson, we will teach you How To Say Caterpillar in Tagalog.
How To Say Caterpillar in Tagalog

How To Say "Caterpillar" in Tagalog

Most butterflies and moths lay their eggs during the spring and summer times. Their eggs remain intact and frozen during the winter season and when the next spring comes back, the eggs hatch into larvae called caterpillars. A caterpillar is a herbivore insect that will keep on eating leaves until it is able to produce white tiny threads called silk. A caterpillar would spin this silk around itself until it forms a shell called cocoon. Inside the cocoon, the caterpillar transforms into a chrysalis then after a few weeks, it emerges out of its cocoon as a beautiful butterfly with wings. A caterpillar is also known as higad in Tagalog language translation.




A caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.

Ang higad ay nagiging isang paru-paro.
I saw one little brown caterpillar.
Ako ay nakakita ng isang maliit na kayumangging higad.
A caterpillar is an insect.
Ang higad ay isang insekto.
A caterpillar eats a lot of leaves.
Ang higad ay kumakain ng maraming dahon.
A caterpillar is hanging from a tree branch.
Ang higad ay nakabitin sa sanga ng punong kahoy.

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