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How To Say "Brown" in Tagalog

Brown is the color of land, soil, and dirt that is an essential part of life and the ecosystem.  Living things such as plants, trees, animals, insects, and mankind live on land and depend on land for survival.  The color brown is a warm color and it is a darker shade than orange and yellow.  In this lesson, we have compiled some realistic pictures of objects and things that are brown and then we will also teach you how to say brown in the Tagalog language translation.
How To Say Brown in Tagalog

How To Say Brown in Tagalog

The color brown is also known as kayumanggi in Tagalog.  The typical Filipino people have brown skin just like any other people who are living in Asia.  The color brown comes in many shades, hues, and tones.  Brown is also associated with the earth that brings forth life, with fertility, and growth.  Most living things have shades of brown just like the bark of trees and the hair, fur, or feathers of most animals living in the wilderness.  Brown is a warm color and people who love this color have character traits that include being kind, nurturing, helpful, respectful, and a nature that is humble and down to earth. 

Brown - Kayumanggi


Brown bear
Kayumangging oso
Brown butterfly
Kayumangging paru-paro
Brown cake
Kayumangging keyk
Brown chocolate
Kayumangging tsokolate
Brown coconut
Kayumangging niyog
Brown coffee beans
Kayumangging butil ng mga kape
Brown cow
Kayumangging baka
Brown dirt
Kayumangging lupa
Brown dog
Kayumangging aso
Brown duck
Kayumangging pato 
Brown earthworm
Kayumangging bulati
Brown egg
Kayumangging itlog
Brown horse
Kayumangging kabayo
Brown moth
Kayumangging gamu-gamo
Brown mug
Kayumangging tasa
Brown peanuts
Kayumangging mga mani
Brown rope
Kayumangging lubid
Brown pair of shoes
Kayumangging pares ng sapatos
Brown skin
Kayumangging kutis
Brown wood
Kayumangging kahoy