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List of Vegetables Names in English With Pictures

Here is a List of Vegetable Names in the English language with their corresponding pictures.  Also included in this post are some examples of how you can use these vegetable names in English sentences to help you increase your English vocabulary. The realistic vegetable photos will assist you in remembering the names that you have learned.
List of Vegetables Names in English With Pictures

List of Vegetables Names in English With Pictures

Learn the different names of common vegetables that can be found at the farm, grocery stores, and food markets using this List of Vegetable Names in English with Pictures. We also included fun facts about vegetables as used in simple sentences as well as realistic vegetable pictures to help you familiarize and distinguish each veggie name from the rest of the vegetables.


Asparagus is rich in nutrients and vitamins for good health.
Asparagus ins perennial vegetable.


Beet juice has been used as a natural red dye coloring.
Beets contain powerful antioxidants.

Bell pepper

Bell peppers comes in different varieties and colors.
Red bell peppers are sweeter than the green bell peppers.


Broccoli is a rich source of Vitamin C.
California is the world's largest producer of broccoli.

Brussels sprout

Brussels sprouts are higher in vitamin C than oranges.
Brussels sprouts are a member of the cabbage family.


Coleslaw is made with shredded cabbage.
Cabbage is considered one of the oldest vegetables eaten by man.


Carrot is rich in beta-carotine.
Carrot is one of the vegetables that contains a lot of sugar.


Celery is good for nutrition and dieting.
Celery is a biennial vegetable plant.


A corn cob has even number of rows.
The corn grain can be produced in a variety of different colors.


Drink water with thin slices of cucumber to suppress hunger.
Cucumber can help get rid of bad breath.


Wash the lettuce and pat it dry.
Always eat fresh lettuce.


Beef patties in mushroom sauce are delicious.
A mushroom contains more potassium than a banana.


Peel the onion and cut it in half.
The world's largest producer of onions is China.


Green peas are a good source of Vitamin K.
Green peas have anti-aging properties that can help prevent wrinkles.


A potato is used in making french fries.
A potato contains a lot of water and fiber.


Radish can be eaten raw and is used in treating stomachache.
A radish can grow very fast.

Red chili pepper

Red chili pepper will add zing to any dish.
Red chili peppers are hot and spicy.


Spinach is a valuable source of Iron.
Eating spinach helps improve eyesight.

String Beans

String beans belong to the pea family.
Eating string beans can help improve health and boost the immune system.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato skin contains many useful nutrients.
The sweet potato juices can be turned into natural dye.

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