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List of Tools Names in English With Pictures

Here is a simple List of Tool Names in English with their corresponding pictures. Also included in this post are some examples of how you can use these tool names in an English sentence to help you increase your English vocabulary.  The tool pictures will assist you in remembering and familiarizing yourself with the tool names that you have learned.
List of Tools Names in English With Pictures

A List of Tools Names in English With Pictures

Here is a simple List of Tool Names in English with their realistic pictures to enable you to distinguish and differentiate each tool from the others.  We also included short and simple sentences to describe each tool and its functional uses for carpentry, building, and construction.


A carriage bolt is used to secure and tighten objects in place. 
A bolt can be made of wood or metal.

Caulking gun

Caulking gun with extended delivery tube.
A caulking gun is used for sealing cracks and gaps on walls and floors.


The chainsaw is a dangerous tool.
A chainsaw is usually used for cutting wood.

Cordless drill

He used a cordless drill to bore a hole in the wall.
A cordless drill is used in fastening bolts and screws in place.

Crescent wrench

Use this crescent wrench to tighten that bolt.
A crescent wrench is used in loosening and tightening screws and bolts.


A hacksaw always comes in handy for cutting metal pipes.
A hacksaw is a fine-toothed metal saw used for cutting metal objects.


A hammer is an important tool used for driving nails into a wood or cement.
A hammer is used to shape metal objects or for crushing rocks.


A level is an excellent addition to your toolbox.
A level is used to measure height levels of objects.


You hit a nail with a hammer.
A nail is used as a fastener in construction and carpentry.

Needle nose pliers

He used need nose pliers to extract the hook.
Needle nose pliers are used to manipulate, bend, and snip wires.


A nut is used to secure a bolt into place.
A nut may be in the form of wood, plastic, or metal.

Pipe wrench

A pipe wrench is used in adjusting the tightness of metal pipes.
A pipe wrench is used to adjust the fittings used in connecting pipes, rods, and bolts.


A pocketknife is a handy utility tool used for cutting objects.
A pocketknife is an essential tool for opening cans, boxes, and cutting strings.


Cut the string with scissors.
Scissors are handy utility tools used for cutting thin materials.


Turn the screw to the right to tighten it.
A screw is used as a fastener for wood, glass, plastic, or metal objects.


Use the screwdriver to tighten and loosen screws.
A screwdriver is a hand-operated tool used for driving screws into wood, plastic, cement, or metal.

Step Ladder

Use the step ladder to climb hard to reach places.
A step ladder allows people to climb up or down  areas that are hard to reach.

Tape measure

Measure the dimensions with a tape measure.
A tape measure has a serrated scribbling tool used for easy markings. 


A good toolbox is a handy thing to have.
A toolbox is where you keep all your handy tools.


A wrench is used for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts of all kinds.
A wrench is used for adjusting the tightness of bolts and nuts.

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