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List of Sea Animals Names in English With Pictures

Here is a list of Sea Animals Names in English as well as how each animal name is used in a sentence using cool fun facts associated with each type of sea animal with their corresponding pictures.  The sea animal pictures will assist you in remembering the names that you have learned.  Also included in this post are simple known facts of how you can use these sea animal names in an English sentence to help you increase your English vocabulary.
List of Sea Animals Names in English With Pictures

A List of Sea Animals Names in English With Pictures

Here is a simple List of Sea Animals Names in English with realistic pictures to help you familiarize yourself with how each sea animal looks like.


The clam burrows in the sand to a considerable depth to hide from predators.
A clam is a mollusk that eat tiny plankton.


A coral reef is the natural habitat for most fish species in the sea.
A coral reef helps improve water quality.


Crabs have an external skeleton called exoskeleton.
A crab usually swim and walk sideways.


Dolphins live in large groups called pods.
A dolphin is a very playful and highly intelligent aquatic mammal.


A fish uses its gills for breathing underwater.
A fish has scales that help it swim swiftly in water.


A jellyfish can clone and replicate itself.
A jellyfish can glow in the dark.


Lobsters are ten-legged creatures.
Lobsters can live up to a hundred years.


An octopus is an invertebrate that can sometimes produce potent toxin.
An octopus is a highly specialized aquatic creature that can use tools and camouflage.


The sea otter can retract the claws on its front feet.
A sea otter is a clever animal that can use rocks, stones, and wood to open shells.


An oyster is a filter feeder.
A small grain of sand that irritates an oyster can turn into a pearl.


Pelicans are very social birds.
A pelican is a bird with the largest bill in the world.


The penguin is a flightless bird.
The small blue penguin is the tiniest penguin species in the world.

Sea lion

The sea lion has 2 pairs of flippers that it uses to walk on land.
A sea lion is a very agile swimmer that likes to glide on the water.

Sea turtle

The sea turtle is an endangered species than spends most of its life in solitary.
Once a baby sea turtle hatches from its egg, it hurries back towards the sea.


Seagulls are monogamous birds.
A seagull has shorter wings for easy flight and navigation


A seahorse is a tiny fish with a horse head.
A seahorse is skillful in camouflaging so it remains undetected by predators.


Seals eat squids and fish.
A seal usually sleeps underwater.


A shark can only swim forward because of its stiff fin.
A shark has placoid scales that are as rough as sandpaper.


Shrimps live together in a group called school.
The heart of a shrimp is found on its head.


A squid is a cephalopod that has three (3) hearts.
A squid has a sac of ink that is used to escape predators.


A starfish can separate its arm from its body to get away from predators.
A starfish is not a fish, it is an echinoderm.


Walruses gather in a group called herds.
A walrus can withstand extremely low temperatures in the Arctic region.


Humpback whales are popular for their haunting songs.
Whales travel in small groups called pods.

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