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List of Insects Names in English With Pictures

This is a List of Insect Names with fascinating and interesting fun facts including arachnids and bug names in English with realistic pictures. We also included some example sentences using each of these insect names. The insect images and insect names used in a sentence will help you learn and improve your English vocabulary.
List of Insects Names in English With Pictures

A List of Insects Names in English With Pictures

Here is a simple list of the most common insects that can be found in the wild, in the forest, meadows, farms, gardens, and in your very own backyard. Have fun reading and learning using this List of Insect names in English with pictures, insect photos, and fun facts about insects.


An ant is a social insect that does not have lungs and ears.
Ants are farmers of aphids that produce honeydew.


Bees dance to communicate the location of a food source.
A bee has a keen sense of smell to detect flowers of all kinds.


A butterfly has a very short lifespan.
A butterfly uses its feet to track and locate food sources.


A centipede is an arthropod that is a carnivorous hunter.
A centipede is a nocturnal creature that hunts its prey at night.


Cockroaches can survive long period without food.
A cockroach is a crawly insect that is extremely agile in escaping its predator.


A dragonfly is a highly efficient hunter that can catch its prey in mid-air.
A dragonfly lays its eggs in saltwater.


Earthworms do not have a skeleton.
An earthworm eats soil.


The ears of a grasshopper are located on its abdomen.
A grasshopper has five (5) eyes.


A housefly can walk upside down.
A common housefly can spread a lot of bacteria and diseases.


Ladybugs are active from spring to fall.
Ladybugs like to stay in groups called colonies.


Mosquitoes are crepuscular animals that can spit and suck at the same time.
The Anopheles mosquito transmit a disease called Malaria.


Moths are nocturnal insects and are most active during the night.
Some moths do not eat and have a very short life span.


A spider has eight legs and eight eyes.
A spider is an arachnid that spins silky web to catch its prey.

Stag Beetle

A stag beetle can fly.
A male stag beetle uses its mandibles in wrestling other males.

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