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List of Construction Vehicle Names in English With Pictures

Here is a List of Types of Construction Vehicle Names in English.  We have here many different types of construction vehicles with their corresponding pictures.  The construction vehicle pictures will assist you in remembering the names that you have learned.  Also included in this post are some examples of how you can use these construction vehicles in an English sentence to help you increase your English vocabulary. 
List of Construction Vehicle Names in English With Pictures

List of Construction Vehicle Names in English With Pictures

Here are some of the most common construction vehicles that are used for building houses, tall skyscrapers, and other architectural structures such as roads, bridges, and historical landmarks.  We have here a List of the various Construction Vehicle Names in English as well as realistic vehicle pictures and photos.  We also used each vehicle name in a complete sentence stating some fun and exciting facts about their uses in building and construction.


A backhoe loader is a type of construction machine used for excavation.
A backhoe is used for digging ditches and clearing involved with demolition work.


The Bobcat has auxiliary hydraulics.
A bobcat is a useful machinery for landscaping purposes.


A bulldozer is a crawler on tracks.
A bulldozer can push large amounts of debris, dirt, or rubble.

Cement mixer

A cement mixer agitates the cement.
A cement mixer has a large and heavy drum that holds concrete.


The crane has a telescoping boom.
A crane is used to lift heavy materials used in building structures.

Dump Truck

Dump trucks transport dirt, gravel and other materials.
A dump truck is used to carry heavy materials used for construction purposes.


The main task of hydraulic excavator is to dig soil.
An excavator is a heavy construction equipment used for moving dirt or debris.


A forklift is a powered vehicle used to lift.
A forklift is used to lift and transport heavy load used for construction purposes.

Front End Loader

Front end loaders have an enclosed cab.
A front end loader is a heavy equipment machine used for moving heavy materials.


The road grader is useful removing snow from roads.
A road grader is a construction machine used to flatten road surfaces.

Pickup Truck

He hitched our pickup truck to his trailer.
A pickup truck is a light duty utility vehicle.

Water Truck

A water truck wet down the road to remove dust.
A water truck ensures that the road is clean and free of debris.

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