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Fourth Chute Falls, Bonnechere River

Welcome to the Fourth Chute Falls of Eastern Ontario, Canada.  This is one of the five magnificent waterfalls cascading down the majestic Bonnechere River.  Just beside this raging Fouth Chute Falls is the Bonnechere Cave which is mostly made out of limestones and this cave is where the largest and longest fossil of a cephalopod has been discovered.
Fourth Chute Falls, Bonnechere River

The Fourth Chute Falls at Bonnechere River

The Fourth Chute Falls is very easy to find and locate since it just situated very near the main road and a bridge has been built across it for ease and convenience.  The sound of the raging waterfalls is hard to miss and the beauty of the surrounding area with the blue skies meeting the green forest at the horizon is a glorious wonder to behold.

Fourth Chute Waterfalls Address

The Fourth Chute Falls is located at 1247 Fourth Chute Rd., Eganville, Ontario, Canada K0J 1T0.  Also, if you are curious about how the Bonnechere Cave looks like from the inside, then the admission and reception area is just located on the side of the road beside the bridge and near the cascading waterfalls.

This is the view of the Fourth Chute Falls that you can see from the main road.  Then just keep on following the flowing river water as it cascades downstream.  On the other side of the road are narrow trail paths that can lead you to more beautiful cascading waterfalls and to the very main plunge waterfall that is raging with power.

Fourth Chute Waterfalls
There are big flat stones on both sides of the waterfalls that look like a series of giant boulder steps.  It is fun and exciting going up and down these big steps like a stairway built by giants.  The plunging waterfall races down to meet the Bonnechere River below.  When the river is calm, you can easily traverse the river and get to the other side without difficulty as it is mostly made out of flat concrete slabs from the remnants of an old bridge foundation.

Fourth Chute Falls at Bonnechere Caves
There are a lot of elusive wildlife abounding and sharing the bounty of the Bonnechere River like this sandhill crane searching for small fish at a distance. It somehow spotted me taking a quick photo and it flew so fast and disappeared into the wilderness of the forest.  I also crossed the path of a river otter that scurried away as soon as it seen me walking near the river banks.  There is also a crow that keeps on cawing and flying overhead searching for food to scavenge as well as a tiny chipmunk chirping along the trail as it nervously watched me walking down the very steep and narrow trail.

Fourth Chute Bonnechere River

Visit the Fourth Chute Falls of the Bonnechere River and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.  Bask in the roaring sound of the ravaging and cascading waterfalls.  Listen to the mellow sound of the flowing river waters.  Then have fun and adventure by exploring the Bonnechere Cave with your family, friends, and loved ones.

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