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Zoo Animal Themed Sensory Bin 🦁

Today I will show you how to make a sensory bin with a zoo animal theme. A sensory bin is exactly what it sounds like. It is a bin full of different items that are going to stimulate your child's different senses. There are countless ways to create a sensory bin. Today, we are going to focus on the zoo animal sensory bin.
Zoo Animal Themed Sensory Bin
Zoo Animal Sensory Bin

A Zoo Animal Themed Sensory Bin

I am all about trying to find ways on how to make playtime more fun, therapeutic, and one that does not break the bank. This zoo animal sensory bin is great on a budget because you can mix and match just about any safe toys to use while still having all the fun. This sensory bin is great for teaching children about learning the different names of wild zoo animals.

Obviously, you are going to need a bin. I would recommend one that has a lid so you can store it easily after your child is done playing with it. Also you will want to consider the depth of your bin. Because if it too shallow it will mean you have more to clean up after since it is easier for the contents to fall out of the container. If the bin is to deep it will make it harder for your child to access the items inside.
Placing Animals in Bin
We started our bin by placing the zoo animal toys inside the bin. We wanted to bury the zoo animals so she placed each one of them in the bottom.
Dumping Sand in Bin
The next thing we did to our zoo animal themed bin is dump sand on top of the toys. Making sure to to try and cover as many as possible as she dumped out the sand. My children enjoy using shovels and other hand tool toys to dig the animals out of the sand.
Covering Animal Toys
We made sure each and every one of the animal toys were covered in sand. It was part of the fun in creating this bin.
Adding Stones on play mat
We went outside to gather a few small stones from the backyard. It gave us some more time together to discover and play. My daughter then placed the stones on a green foam tile. This was our pretend play grassy area so we wanted to decorate this area for the animals to feel more at home.
Using Shovel to Dig Out Animals
We have a few toy shovels we used to assist in the digging. Using her hands was also a fun way to feel the sand as she searched for the animal toys. My kids love feeling the texture of the sand on their hands as they reach to the bottom to find another animal hidden underneath.
Placing Animals in the grass
This is our make believe grassy area where my daughter placed each animal toy. It was the perfect opportunity to go over the names of the animals as they were placed on the foam mat. Next time we will use flash cards to match the animals together. Flashcards are a useful tool for helping kids learn the names of animals while playing with sensory bins.
Zoo Animal Themed Sensory Play
Going over the animals
We went over the animal on the mat. This gave us the opportunity to do some counting.

I hope you enjoyed our zoo animal sensory bin as much as my children did. This is an easy activity to make. It kept my children occupied and learning while I did chores around the house.

Materials Needed for this Animal Sensory Bin:

  1. Zoo animals
  2. Sensory bin
  3. Toy shovel and rake 
  4. Sand

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