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Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll Craft 🦄 ✅

Have a wonderful time bonding with your little ones as you involve them in helping you make this cute and adorable rainbow unicorn craft using empty toilet paper rolls.

Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll Craft
Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll Craft

How To Make this DIY Rainbow Unicorn Craft using Toilet Paper Rolls

This beautiful unicorn can be used as an ornament or decoration for any kids bedroom.  It can also be used for activity props for sensory learning or as a toy for pretend play to enhance the kid's imagination and creative way of thinking.

Materials Needed in Making this Rainbow Unicorn Craft

Here are the list of easy to find and readily available materials that you need in making this cute rainbow unicorn craft:

  • 1 piece empty toilet paper roll
  • 3 pieces of colored paper - glitter gold, glitter pink, sky blue, rose pink
  • 1 piece of white paper or coupon bond
  • 1 piece of yarn - Rainbow colors
  • 1 piece of clear gel tacky glue
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 punch hole - for making unicorn rosy cheeks
  • 1 rubber band - to secure the glued unicorn tail
  • 3 pieces small wooden clothespins - for securing the glued unicorn ears and horn to the head
  • 1 piece large wooden clothespin - for securing glued unicorn hair to body

Step by Step procedures on How To Make Rainbow Unicorn Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Here are the very easy step by step procedures that you can follow in making this simple rainbow unicorn craft for kids:

1.  Wrap the empty toilet paper with white paper.

Use the white paper to cover the empty toilet paper roll.

Wrapping toilet paper with white paper

2.  Attach the white paper using tacky glue.

Attach the white paper using the clear gel tacky glue then set aside to dry completely.

Attaching white paper with tacky glue.

3.  Cut out rainbow yarn for unicorn hair and tail.

Use a good pair of scissors to cut out some rainbow yarn for the unicorn hair and tail.  Cut shorter yarn length for the hair and longer yarn length for the tail. Bundle these up and tie them neatly together using a single piece of rainbow yarn.

Cutting rainbow yarn for unicorn hair and tail.

4.  Draw and cut the unicorn ears on blue and pink colored papers.

I used the blue cardboard to draw the longer set of unicorn ears and the pink cardboard for the shorter set of unicorn ears then I used the scissors to cut the outline.

Drawing and cutting unicorn ears.

5.  Attach the unicorn ears together using tacky glue.

After I cut the blue and pink ears, I attached these together using the clear gel tacky glue.

Attaching unicorn ears using tacky glue

6.  Fold the bottom of each ear to make a 3D shape.

Make a 3 dimensional shape with the ears by folding the bottom or base of each ear at the middle then use the clear gel tacky glue to bind them together.  Use a small wooden clothespin to secure the ears in place.

Making a 3D shape unicorn ears

7.  Make the unicorn rosy cheeks.

To make the unicorn rosy cheeks, punch two (2) holes on the glitter pink colored paper using a hole puncher.

Making unicorn rosy cheeks using glitter pink paper.

8.  Make the unicorn horn.

To make the unicorn horn, draw and cut a small triangular shape using the glitter gold colored paper.  Make sure that the unicorn horn fits in between the pair of ears.

Making the unicorn horn with glitter gold paper.

9.  Attach the rainbow unicorn tail using tacky glue.

Use the clear gel tacky glue to attach the rainbow unicorn tail to the white toilet paper roll.  Secure the glued tail using a rubber band and then set it aside to dry completely.

Attaching unicorn tail using tacky glue.

10.  Attach the rainbow unicorn hair to the top of toilet paper roll.

Attach the unicorn hair made out of the shorter length rainbow yarn to the top of the white toilet paper roll using the clear gel tacky glue.  Use the large piece of wooden clothespin to secure the unicorn hair until the glue is all set and dried completely.

Attaching unicorn hair using tacky glue

11.  Attach the pair of unicorn ears using tacky glue.

When the unicorn hair is dry and glued completely, attach the pair of unicorn ears using the clear gel tacky glue.  Use the two (2) pieces of small wooden clothespins to hold the unicorn ears together until the glue is completely set and dry.

Attaching unicorn ears using tacky glue.

12.  Use the small wooden clothespins to secure unicorn ears in place.

When the unicorn ears are set and completely dry, remove the wooden clothespins.  Then use the clear gel tacky glue to attach the unicorn horn and secure it in place using a small wooden clothespin.

Attaching unicorn horn using tacky glue.

13.  Attach the unicorn rosy cheeks using tacky glue.

Paste the two (2) tiny glitter pink circle shapes to act as the unicorn rosy cheeks.

Attach the unicorn rosy cheeks using tacky glue

14.  Draw the unicorn eyelashes.

Use a pencil to sketch the unicorn eyelashes.  Once you are happy and satisfied with the look of the eyelash drawings, then use a black Sharpie marker or pen to draw the final outline of the unicorn eyelashes.

Drawing the unicorn eyelashes using a Sharpie marker

15.  Finished Art Craft of Rainbow Unicorn.

Here is a photo of the finished DIY rainbow unicorn using empty toilet paper rolls and other affordable craft materials.

Finished Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Thank you for taking the time to read our simple DIY Unicorn craft using ordinary toilet paper roll, colored papers, and rainbow yarn.  Have a great day decorating your room with these colorful DIY handmade paper crafts for kids.

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