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Lion Family Toilet Paper Roll Craft 🦁

Join me as I show to you how to make this creative artwork showing a family of lions using toilet paper rolls and other recyclable craft materials that are readily available for use and found in your homes.  These animal crafts can be used for children room decoration as well as for educational purposes such as counting and learning animal names.  

Lion Family Toilet Paper Roll Craft
Lion Family Toilet Paper Roll Craft

How To Make DIY Lion Family Craft with Toilet Paper Rolls

Your little ones will surely love and enjoy making this easy animal crafts for kids and playing with this adorable lion family for their pretend play will help them expand their imagination and creativity.

Materials Needed to Make Lion Family Craft

Here are the simple materials that you will need for this DIY craft animal project:
  • 3 empty toilet paper rolls
  • 1 empty cereal box or cardboard
  • 1 pencil - for sketching and drawing
  • 1 black Sharpie marker - for drawing outlines
  • 2 bottles of Acrylic Paint - color Yellow, color Brown
  • 1 paintbrush
  • 2 white paper or old newspapers
  • 1 bottle of clear gel tacky glue
  • 6 pieces of small googly eyes
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 pair of white vinyl gloves
  • 4 pieces wooden clothespins

Procedures on How To Make Lion Family Animal Craft

Here are the step by step procedures on how to make this very simple lion family animal craft:

1. Sketch and draw these simple patterns.

For this procedure, you will need the following:
  • 3 empty toilet paper rolls - with 1 piece cut in half for lion cub body
  • 1 box of cereal or cardboard
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 black Sharpie pen or marker
Use a pencil to sketch and draw these lion heads on the cardboard and body parts on the toiler paper rolls.

Sketching and drawing lion head and body parts

2.  Cut out the lion heads and animal body parts.

I use a good pair of scissors to cut the outline of the animal parts that I have sketched and drawn earlier.

Cutting out the lion heads and body part drawings.

3.  Paint the lion heads and animal body parts.

The toiler paper rolls will serve as the body of the lions.  The two long ones are for the lion and the lioness while the short one is for the lion cub.  

Before painting, I placed the white papers or old newspapers down on the table and then I put on my vinyl gloves for easy and mess-free clean-up afterwards. 

I used these acrylic paint colors for the following:
  • For the Lion - yellow paint for the body and brown paint for the lion's mane
  • For the lioness - yellow paint for the body, head, and pair of ears
  • For the baby lion cub - yellow paint for the small body and head
Painting lion heads and animal body parts

4.  Attach lion head to the body using tacky glue.

I used tacky glue to attach each animal head to the right body made out of toilet paper rolls.  Then, I used the clothespins to secure the glued animal parts in place.

Attaching lion head to its body.

5.  Attach lion eyes to the face using tacky glue.

After the glued lion head and body is all set and completely dry, I started attaching the pair of googly eyes on each lion.  

Attaching lion googly eyes to the animal face.

I laid them all gently to allow the glue to set and dry.

Attaching googly eyes on baby lion cub.

6.  Draw lion snout and mouth.

I used a pencil to sketch and draw the lion snout and mouth and then I finally traced it using a black Sharpie marker or pen.

Drawing lion snout and mouth using a Sharpie marker

7.  Finished product of Lion Family Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Here is a picture of the Lion Family finished product made out of toilet paper rolls and empty cardboard box.

Finished product of Lion Family Craft
We hope that you enjoyed reading our simple blog on this DIY Lion Family Toilet Paper Roll Craft for kids fun, learning, and pretend play.  We hope that you will keep on visiting our Pinay Mom website for more DIY homemade crafts.

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